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into space 2

Posted Nov 24, '12 at 7:13am



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This game has really caught my attention.
Since the first version, I have been a fan of the game and the 2nd version just made the gaming experience even better.
- First of all I like the fact that you can upgrade you "Space Ship"/rocket from the money you have earned during the gameplay. It makes you more involved in the game and it makes you more curious which I think is an important factor to get fans.
- 2nd I like the fact that you can unlock more upgrades by completing different challenges, and again it makes you curious about what this game has to offer.
- 3rd I love endless games.  Of cause there is a story behind, but the fact that you can continue to reach a higher distance makes it more interesting. What I don't like is that there is no " online ranking " It would have been more challenging if players could upload their stats to compete against each others.
Concerning the graphics, I think it's ok as it is right now :D "Keep it simple", this also minimizes problems with fps (Frames per second) which means that more people can play this game.
I hope they will release a Into Space 3, and I am pretty sure it can only get better :D


Posted Nov 25, '12 at 5:33am



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The one thing I dislike is the end of the road. If you're at least a decent player you can get into space and beyond and at one point there are no more obstacles. None at all, so you simply cruise, gather fuel every now and then until you reach an altitude of 2500 when the game just stops. Pretty anticlimactic.


Posted Nov 25, '12 at 11:29am



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My favourite games on Armor Games.I love flying and this kind of games


Posted Nov 25, '12 at 1:09pm



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Every game has an end. Some games end sooner than later.

That's why there is achievements. Some people don't care about them, some other do.

You can even use those as "brag rights". ;)


Posted Nov 26, '12 at 1:18am



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The game gets easier once you unlock the fourth tier and the achievements that unlock the fuel parts. It's not bad at the third tier, but the fifth tier isn't that useful unless you want to take things really slow. All the highest power items are from previous tiers. The only problem I have is not hitting anything until the 550000 mark which is the last achievement I need to beat the game.


Same thing is going on with me.

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