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What game are you most excited to be released?

Posted Jan 5, '13 at 10:34pm



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I'm a very big Starcraft fan. Naturally, I'm excited for HotS (Heart of the Swarm) But honestly, the devs are really dropping the ball left and right with balance issues.

I really don't play a whole lot of other games. I am not a "gamer", and I don't pick up a game lightly. I did pick up Fallout3 and I absolutely loved it. So, I patiently wait for Fallout4. Now that Skyrim is complete, I'm sure FO4 is in development.

I know nothing about the Eldar Scroll series, but Skyrim looks amazing. I have a few priorities to take care of first and I might buy Skyrim while waiting for HotS.


Posted Jan 6, '13 at 2:48am



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Seriously, this. This game is not getting enough attention. Come on guys, Quantic Dream. Imagine Heavy Rain, but more fantasy and action. It looks like such a good game.

It always seems like Quantic Dream never ceases to impress, ESPECIALLY after they released Indigo Prophecy. They've always had a knack for good stories and graphics when it comes to games. Too bad their games are all under the radar, I'm not sure if it's due to dumb gamers, it being a PS3 Exclusive, or just no "big" news on it.

It's gonna be between this, Watch_Dogs, and GTA V for GOTY for a bunch of people, no doubt.

I hope that The Last of Us at least gets a quick thought or shout out, though :3

Posted Jan 6, '13 at 2:56am



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Well the newest Fire Emblem game is technically already out, but I'm really excited for the North America release in February (I think is what the latest update said). I've been a Fire Emblem junkie ever since I first played The Sacred Stones on GBA forever ago. Since then, I've play the two GBA games before that, plus the newer console released games. I love the game style and stories involved, and the new features in Awakening look like fun.

Also, I've been looking forward to a new Sly game since I played the second one. Played that one, then the first one, then the third when it came out. I did enjoy the first game, but the second and third appealed to me more with the more free roam style. The missions were fun, and especially the second with playing off the cool story of the first with the aforementioned new play style creating a great mission story line. I enjoyed the third's story thoroughly as well. I'm hoping for great things from Sly 4, but really I'm just hoping for it to at least be as good as 2 and 3.


Posted Jan 6, '13 at 6:09am



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Sonny 3,Who isn't,everybody wants to check it out


Posted Jan 7, '13 at 8:48am



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I'm dying to hear of another Batman: Arkham game.


Posted Jan 9, '13 at 4:41pm



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yeah I agree, Sonny 3!!

And a new Far Cry I love number 3!!!

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