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What is your favorite resident game?

Posted Nov 10, '12 at 6:30pm



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I love resident 4


Posted Nov 11, '12 at 4:28am



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And what is it you especially like about the Resident 4 game in particular cristianrap? (trying to expand the OP a little as it has no content in it - mandatory)

I like the whole scenery they invented/used around a very original take on the all-known apocalyptic story. Please tell us about yours! =)


Posted Nov 15, '12 at 5:47pm



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I saw Resident Evil 4, liked the enemies that tried (and failed sometimes) to use weapons, like Dr.Salvador (I think?) and the crossbow Ganados in the castle. The inventory system was interesting too (and realistic) and the Merchant was pretty nice ("Got a selection of good things in sale stranger!")... All in all a great game. The other resident Evils are pretty good (and are the reason it made it to the 4th game), but this one stands out the most so far (mainly because it's the only one I saw).


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 3:26am



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Resident Evil 4 atm as its the only game ive seen from start to finish

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