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Newcomer and don't know what makes for a merit? Well, wonder no further! Introducing SIPPYCUpS, the Self-Improvement Program Promoting Your Comment Upgrade Success and comment merit guarantee!* Coming November 15th! Start up with SIPPYCUpS!

- Not a newcomer but always wanted a merit? Well, saddle up for SIPPYCUpS. SIPPYCUpS can help you too!

- Want to upgrade your comments from normal to merit? Pick up SIPPYCUpS! And enter for a chance to win a merit!*

- Down on your luck with merital problems? Drink up SIPPYCUpS! And guarantee yourself a happy merit!*

- Can't catch a break catching a Merit? Stock up on SIPPYCUpS! The Master Ball for Merit!*

- Unable to find a word that rhymes with ferret? Look up SIPPYCUpS! The prize is an answer of merit!*

- Your tortoise too slow to catch up to the hare with 91 carrots?** One up with SIPPYCUpS! Because carrots rhymes with merits!* ***

- Tired of having your comments hidden by short spammy ones that took no effort at all? Queue up for SIPPYCUpS! The fast lane to Merit City.*

Give it up for SIPPYCUpS, the comment merit guarantee!*

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Begins on 11/15/12 and ends on an arbitrary unspecified date. Limit of one [i]SIPPYCUpS per person. Open to all users of Armor Games with 0 merits prior to participating. Must be 13 or older to participate. You must enroll yourself in a guided self-improvement program to be eligible for the merit. Additional restrictions and all rules of Armor Games apply. Void where prohibited. Voidy where you break the rules.

**Yes, there's a difference between a hare and a rabbit.

***Not in all dialects.[/i]

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