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Posted Nov 11, '12 at 1:35pm



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So, this is the first time I go in this part of the community page, and as I can see, this page is for the music and others things we made by ourself, if i'm not wrong. then, if it's for this, I think i'll publish my original works on this topic.

So let's start. '' i've made a lot of original pieces with Fruity Loops'' but i'll only publish the one that I juge like '' good ''. all my works have a lot of bass tools.

I've made three albums so far, the first one sucks '' it's normal, I was a beginner '' the second '' almost cubic clouds '' is a little bit better. and the third that I started 1 or 2 weeks ago, sounds better than the second.

I am not a Master of Electronic music, so don't expect techno & electronic masterpiece from me, for the moment.

This is the first work i'ill show you for now :
Moonlight Lands. (from my second albums)


Posted Nov 11, '12 at 1:46pm



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i'm sorry if i'm making a double post but I tried the link that I put in the description ( the link to my song) and it seems it doesn't work, so i'll put another link.
Moonlight Lands

This one is likely to work!

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