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Homework (Not Complaining)

Posted Nov 16, '12 at 1:32pm



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I ussually spend thirty minutes when I get home eating a snack and listening to music, just to relax and take a break from school stuff. Then I start with the assignment I thi k I'll enjoy least, and go from there. That way I get the bad stuff out of the way first, rather than save it for last when I'm most likely to get distracted and leave it.

But the trick is to just not procrastinate. Spread assignments out if you can, so you do little bits over time as opposed to all at once. Then you don't get swamped by a crapload of work.


Posted Nov 16, '12 at 5:13pm



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If you have a constant workspace and a habit at writing homework each day you'll get more used to it and will become a breeze to write homework. If I have tons of homework, I'll usually play relaxing sounds, rain for instance, on my ipod nano and it really shows improvement. I'm more efficient than without any music since it's so relaxing.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 1:39pm



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I wait a little while when I get home. In that time I practise My clarinet or listen to music or get on the computer to get my mind off of school...Then I work untill I get bored and take a break. Then I start up agian... I do this pattern untill I'm done woth my home work...


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 4:23pm



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I procrastinate a lot but when I actually do it I'm a bit of a workaholic. I do it all at once too.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 8:47pm



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I also have some personal techniques that make homework seem fun or trick my brain.

First, I would imagine that if I don't finish my homework, a burly man will beat the cr@p out of me.

Also, I'd imagine homework like a videogame where I must complete it in order to rescue the princess...or prince in my sake.

If you really need help and can't help yourself over computer games and still live with your parents, get you mom/dad to set up parental controls and block every gamming site and stuff not related to school such as chatrooms, facebook, twitter, etc.

And take my advice on rewarding yourself when you are done/mostly done if the homework is long. You deserve some self encouragement so you don't bore yourself. If you are too bored, you will procrastinate, and if you procrastinate, you will never get your work done. Just be sure to ration your reward (if you decide to stop during your homework)like 10 minutes of break (let your parent/guardian time your break for you in case) and have a quick snack.

And I agree on listening to music, it helps calm your mind. I suggest some upbeat pop that will make you happy.

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