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Only because everyone said I had no chance. I'll admit that this wasn't exactly for the creator of the game and more about the merit. That's the whole point of the merit, right? To make people post good comments to try and get it.

I don't understand why merits are so rare when I see comments get deleted all the time. If I was a moderator and I had to go through a pile of comments all day I would be really happy when I found one that I think should get a merit and probably get carried away merit ones that just aren't "Good game 10/10".


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Oh, I've graduated. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be that easy.
Thank you very much


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Black belts comment

Game amount I give 7.5
Real amount: 6.25
Game play tips: Fly Low it helps! As soon as you lift off pull gears, then do flaps. If you want to gain altitude put on i take off flaps. Fly low enough to see your shadow, the trees will not make you crash but fly at the top of them, usually at 100 or so feet, when you land fly at 90 feet. 4,000 feet will blow out your engine!!
Story Line: Don't worry you will be very Frustrated at first but do not give up if you have trouble and you are in negative cash when you crash refresh the page so u do not loose any more. The story is Good, and you will feel like a pilot.
Graphics: Read the signs, look at the people entering, Watch the flying, listen to the sound! They did a Great Job and They were Great when it came to the intense nature of loosing a plane and watching it burn.
Controls: WOW you really have to get use to them, If you are stuck hit P and it will pause the game and show you the controls.(Thanks for that Pavloff it helped.)
Overall: Tip Fly low get ready at 50 miles away and KEEP TRYING i had to do this A LOT and A LOT of times.
I wan't to encourage you to play this game and I want to thank GANTIC (awesome mod for helping me with this sippycups stuff) is for if you want to try too.


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I have another question, the game that I chose has side quests, do I put those on as well or does it not really matter?


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Will do this later on!


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@R2: You're supposed to be writing a review, not a summary.


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Sorry... Here was my COMPLETE review. Please delete the above comment.


Why Chuck the Sheep? This game is called Chuck the Sheep because itâs shearing season again, and the sheep (Chuck) want to escape the farm. So he gets in a catapult and tries to launch himself away.


To control Chuck and his ship, use the arrow keys. Try to glide a lot because when you are starting out you have limited upgrades.


When launching try to click earlier to get the results you want, as it DOES have some lag time. When you start upgrade your fueltanks FIRST. It will help you get further and get items to upgrade the others.

Try to do the quests! If you need some materials to use try doing the quests. If you do enough quests and then level up, material goods for you

After you upgrade the fueltanks, upgrade the engines. Trust me. It can only help

When you get boost tanks try to kill as many enemies and trees as you can. Youâre invincible and canât get hurt by this whereas in a regular situation you would get hit by the birds/trees and blow up your ship.

Thanks again!


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Hey, worked on my comment for a bit, it's pretty long... but eh, hope funny symbols don't show up as I copied and pasted it from a document.

Game: Colony

In my opinion, this is the best and most entertaining strategy game on Armor Games. There are countless strategies, builds, and different ways to play the game. I've been playing the game ever since it came out and I still haven't gotten tired of it, at least from the periods I have been playing it constantly. To add to that, updates have been added to the game which have brought more units, more buildings/upgrades, and ways to add friends and do all of the multiplayer things like that. One drawback to the game is its campaign. All it has is six missions, which are basically just tutorial missions that give you a feel for the game. This usually would be fine except for the fact that there is NOTHING else added in the campaign, which leads to the reasoning that this game is mostly meant for multiplayer. Quick play mode is decent; it is hard at first, but as oneâs skill increases, it slowly gets easier and easier to beat the harder difficulties, which is what I think it should be. Now to the multiplayer aspect: the multiplayer here is truly incredible. You can choose to play with players and/or a CPU as 2v2, 1v1, and 1v2. The multiplayer seems to lag a bit if you choose to play make-giant-armies-and-wait-for-the-other-team-to-attack style, but if you play a higher level of skill focused on pinning and controlling the field like most pros, the game doesnât really lag unless you have a crappy connection. Another major drawback that many people have complained about is the many hackers and glitches in multiplayer. One way I found to help make this not as annoying is to usually play with people you know, and to not play with guests. I know Krin has added a lot of patches designed to eliminate hackers as well, which although hackers have always ways around these, I applaud these anti-hacking efforts. One other problem with the CPUs is that is seems they draw on an infinite amount of resources and are pre-set to strategies that confine them resource-wise. This is fine, but however hard CPUs upgrade much faster than a normal player, although they can still be beaten and even 1v2ed by me easily. So that isnât much of an issue to me. Also, there are some bugs in the game that can be exploited, such as when canceling a command at the very last second the command goes through yet you still get a refund, which gives you no resource loss but still a unit deployed. Another is that it seems when clicking an influence unit many times in rapid succession you suddenly are awarded 200 influence. Sometimes glitchers cheat using these bugs and others, but you can counter-glitch them if need be. Finally, the game is slightly imbalanced in some ways, pertaining to units, resource structures, and governments. Communist is slightly weaker compared to the other governments. Special forces massed destroy forge. Tier 3 Forge is very weak compared to tier 3 Post. Hospital and War Sanctum have a lot of extra uses, which gives them an advantage over Generator and Solar Grid. Groditz are weak and rarely used. Marines are too useful for their price. The armory has lost its use in high-level games. These are some imbalances, others can be seen in the General Colony Discussion with some digging. Even so, these imbalances donât amount to that much and you can still have very closely matched games with two very different strategies that rely on different units. This game is a great one that has kept me entertained for many years with its excellent multiplayer and gameplay. Keep up the great work Krin!


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but eh, hope funny symbols don't show up as I copied and pasted it from a document.

That's what i was thinking lol... But it happened to me xD I made mine on Word ;P

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As a general note, as with all comments at the top of the post not categorized under REPLIES, REVIEWS, or ROSTERS, you are free to ignore at your own risk if you're just looking for @YOURUSERNAME anyway. SIPPYCUpS+ Premium Advantage can not, will not, and shall not include a merit guarantee. In essence, SIPPYCUpS+ Premium Advantage is utterly superfluous and unnecessary. It is meant for users who are proficient in English, not basic (below proficient) or advanced (above proficient) and instill utterly useless skills.* What it will teach you is the sort of skills, hopefully, to write the sort of comment that is steps above your average merit comment, the sort I don't even have to read to merit but will read twice anyway.** Also, it will probably roll out some time after Thanksgiving. If it ever does.
*Not entirely useless, but I don't see how you will use them much or when you do, I don't see it being appreciated over not using them. Trust me, it's probably a waste of your time.
**I can't speak for other moderators, but your comment should be exuding so much constructiveness, originality, insight, and thought it'd be hard not to merit it. Also, I don't know how long merits will stick around if they ever change the commenting system. And there was that karma upvote/downvote system that was proposed, but updates appear to be rolling out at random intervals and there hasn't been anything about it since... two years ago?, so we'll see.

Also, I thought more new users would be jumping at the chance to learn from SIPPYCUpS! That's why it's in the Newcomers forum! (And also why it's called SIPPYCUpS!) This thread will soon generate more replies than the stickies, which have been updated multiple times, but still. The other thing is that half the people who signed up haven't done anything yet.

@IAgreeWithYou Users should really be writing comments for the new games. It's harder for us to navigate to a game that is not on the front page (with the loss of the Random Game feature) because we have to go through the categories and pages just like anyone else and who's to say we'll choose a game someone's actually commented on well or one that's already been checked but someone later commented on?
@kegaumongo Some people really don't need SIPPYCUpS. They just don't have a merit yet.
@R2D21999 That's up to you, but again, the primary focus is not a game summary or walkthrough.
@mrpoke Okey doke mrpoke!

@daleks Nothing wrong save for a couple grammartical issues, but you done.
P3 L5 I believe you're missing a word. "does not damage" isn't correct. You're either missing the object or the word "do", so it should be "does not do damage" or "does not damage the players".
P4 L1 Put a space before the open parenthesis.
@toprichieboy Fix the issues with spaces and parentheses and capitalize the first letter of the first word in your list of suggestions and you are done. There should be a space before the open parenthesis but not after.
@xeano321 Are you portrayed as an ace fighter or are you playing an ace fighter? What were the enjoyable aspects of the game?
@Blackbeltr0 Your game amount and real amount are unnecessary and difference between the two isn't explained. It still isn't needed. You need less about what the game is about, less about how to play the game, and more about what you thought about the game. Also take this out:
"I wan't to encourage you to play this game and I want to thank GANTIC (awesome mod for helping me with this sippycups stuff) ⦠page/1This is for if you want to try too.
It is irrelevant to the game.
@xXxDAPRO89xXx What does the picture have to do with your comment besides the game? You also need less about what the game is about, less about how to play the game, and a lot more about what you thought about the game, which you haven't included at all. You're not simply writing a summary of the game or a walkthrough of the game.
@soccerdude2 You need organize your thoughts into paragraphs.

*Ineligible for SIPPYCUpS merit guarantee.

SIPPYCUpS Graduates: daleks*, IAgreeWithYou, ImTheMostManlyMan, kegaumongo, Patrick2011

If I forgot anyone, let me know.