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Critiquing starts when you write your review and Gantic sees it. In fact, your review has already been critiqued as follows:

So he has, I didn't see that before.

I am not at all following your logic behind the paragraph breaks. It just makes it harder to read.

So fewer paragraph breaks?

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Hey Gantic, is it alright if I switch my review from Exit Path 2 to Dogfight 2? I feel I could possibly write a better review that way.


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The Arrow of Time
by TheSuperFlashBros


How to Play
The game is very simple to play: You use your mouse to draw back the bowstring to power up your shots, and you release the bowstring to fire. If you are using a mouse pad, you can chose a setting that allows you to just click and hold to build power. You move your mouse (or your finger on the mouse pad) to aim around the screen. The game is very easy to get the hang of, but it all goes uphill from here.

Power Ups

As you destroy enemies, you gain points in the form of flashing white balls. You can use these points to buy various types of arrows in the shop after each wave. You can also buy extra turrets to fire from, an automatic turret that fires regular arrows at the closest enemy, two different types of shields, and a cloaking device to make the castle invisible for a few seconds. For the arrows, you can combine the various types for super arrows, like a Lightning and Piercing Arrow, that will strike lightning down upon the foe that is pierced several times. Or maybe a Fire and Explosive combo, blowing up your enemies and setting them on fire at the same time.

Eras, Levels, and Enemies

As you play the game, you will play through various eras of humankind's past (and possible future). To complete an era, you must simply play through three normal levels and a single boss level. As you play through these levels and eras, you come across some many, many different types of enemies, but as you might notice, some are quite similar across eras:

Helicopter: Very agile flying machine, shoots arrows/bullets
Plane: Will fly straight at you, shoots arrows/bullets
Balloon: Much like the Helicopter, but much bigger, drops bombs
Missile: Will fly straight at you, explodes on impact
Bomber: Much like Balloon, but flies in the upper reaches of the screen, drops very powerful bombs
Boss: Toot's his name, giant machines is his game, weapons and flying patterns will vary per era.

As you progress through the levels and eras, these enemies will become increasingly tougher, faster, and will dish out more damage.



The music in the game, created by Evan Merz, is very beautiful sounding, with various instruments used per era, like jazz instruments used in the era, World at War, or the violins used in The Beginnings and Victorian Age eras. You can download this beautiful music from TheSuperFlashBros' website:


The game is drawn in a in an extremely beautiful steampunk-themed way, with the enemies being drawn based around what type of aircraft were or might have been flying around each era. I've heard of many game creators who will first draw a sketch of what they want, and then go off of that while making the background, scenery, and characters; How this game looks, it seems like they took scans of drawings, colored them in using a program of some sort, and put them into the game. It does look slightly sketchy, but I believe that is how is supposed to look.

Final Comments

This is a well created game, the controls are simple, the graphics and music help hook players, as well as the challenging aspects of the game, with the enemies getting better and better each era. It's these aspects of the game that help make it a good game, and this isn't just a good game. It is an extremely incredible game, and I hope that TheSuperFlashBros make more just like.


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Are people really only participating because they want the free merit involved and not because they want to learn more and participate (and perhaps be able to teach others the way of the above average comment)?
All things considered, they might even learn how to write such good comments they don't need the guarantee...

I'm not writing reviews in this thread JUST to get merits (that's just a bonus). I'm writing reviews in this thread so I can learn how to write better reviews, and take this knowledge and use it elsewhere on big games such as World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, RuneScape, and so on. The point of writing a review is to show the creator of the game how he/she pushed all of the right buttons for players, or at least pushed most of them. Another important factor about reviews is that you can write about the things in the game that weren't to your liking, or things the game creator can improve. Like better graphics, better music, better computer AI, and so on. Game creators don't HAVE to follow what you wrote in your review on things he/she can improve, but he/she can at least figure out what kind of gamers are playing his/her game, and how he/she could possibly improve it if they wished to. Why don't you try writing a comment/review of a game you like, instead of writing critique over Gantic's (extremely great) attempt at helping other users.

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@VonHeisenbourg Pick a new game.
@danielhuy Play the game. Write a review of the game. Post that review to this thread.
@ImTheMostManlyMan You tell me. Why did you break your paragraphs like that?
@xeano321 It doesn't matter. I'm not keeping track of what games you guys are picking.

@Runescape124 A common mistake is writing a summary of the game and/or game walkthrough. You don't need a lot of what you wrote. You especially do not need to go into so much detail about the game. If you want to write about what the game was about, you should keep it to no more than a paragraph or several sentences. The focus of the review should be what you thought about the game, not what the game was about.

*Ineligible for SIPPYCUpS merit guarantee.


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@Runescape124 A common mistake is writing a summary of the game and/or game walkthrough. You don't need a lot of what you wrote. You especially do not need to go into so much detail about the game. If you want to write about what the game was about, you should keep it to no more than a paragraph or several sentences. The focus of the review should be what you thought about the game, not what the game was about.

Oh, ok.

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I'll join, I could use better review skills anyway.


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Will be doing it. My game is Colony. Plz register


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As I start the game I'm immediately intrigued by the setting of the menu, followed other graphical curiosities. The first of which is the character. A blank canvas of a person, his blank profile gives him an air of mystery, but you can easily tell that he is the good guy by the fact that he is white as opposed to the usual black and the pose you find him in at the start of the chapters and when he sits idle.

The gameplay was quite enjoyable for those who like this type of game. You run and jump to get to the end of the "chapter", but the shaking of the screen and the tricky obstacles keep you entertained and paying attention. Each chapter of the game kept the same feel as the last one but without being monotonous credited to the new, tricky and fun obstacles that each progressing mission provides. You find as you continue in the mission that you are about to kill a monster, but first you must climb to the top to hit him at his critical spot located at the top. Getting to the top is no easy feet though, you must go up, down, left and right to get there. Kudos to you for making the body parts that you climb up and the monsters' full outward appearance go together and not be contradictory to each other. I also think that the job you did on making the levels hard and innovative are so good that I had the tendency to forget that I was climbing a monster, but that feeling of being on a monster was preserved by to things.
The shaking screen followed/accompanied by roaring and finding the weak spot and stabbing and killing it at the end of each chapter.

The music, odd at times, does help intensify the whole thing and put it together nicely. I find that the removal of the music as you go underwater sells the effect of being underwater.

The story was good. It was short, sweet and to the point, but not so much that you don't get to appreciate it. The story part was long enough that you got a good idea as to what was going on but short enough to hold back complaint of it being too gameplay-interrupting. At the end of the story was what I thought was a nice and, in a way, pleasant story twist. I won't go into details about the story but I will say that it's good and kept you paying attention to it.

By the time I first finished it I was ready for the game to be over, but after playing it through for a second time my only complaint is that it wasn't longer.

Is that any better?


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I like kingdom rush because it is a simple tower defense game
it has many different levels and upgrades, which are good because you can have many different strategies. The money makes the some strategies impossible but others better. There are 6 upgrades for every unit and you get 3, 2, or 1 stars based on how good you did. I didn't like that J.T (the yeti boss)
was hard. I think the game was the hardest in the winter lands because of the winter wolves, fast and high hp (288).