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Oops, sorry. I didn't realize that I was signed in as my brother. That is my (hopefully) fixed review that is in that post.


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That one little paragraph looks stupid by itself. let me fix that and make a few changes throughout the whole thing.

As I start the game I'm immediately intrigued by the setting of the menu, followed other graphical curiosities. The first of which is the character. A blank canvas of a person, his blank profile gives him an air of mystery, but you can easily tell that he is the good guy by the fact that he is white as opposed to the usual black and the pose you find him in at the start of the chapters and when he sits idle.

The gameplay was quite enjoyable for those who like this type of game. You run and jump to get to the end of the "chapter", but the shaking of the screen and the tricky obstacles keep you entertained and paying attention. Each chapter of the game kept the same feel as the last one but without being monotonous credited to the new, tricky and fun obstacles that each progressing mission provides. You find as you continue in the mission that you are about to kill a monster, but first you must climb to the top to hit him at his critical spot located at the top. Getting to the top is no easy feet though, you must go up, down, left and right to get there. Kudos to you for making the body parts that you climb up and the monsters' full outward appearance go together and not be contradictory to each other. I also think that the job you did on making the levels hard and innovative are so good that I had the tendency to forget that I was climbing a monster, but that feeling of being on a monster was preserved by to things.
The shaking screen followed/accompanied by roaring and finding the weak spot and stabbing and killing it at the end of each chapter.

The music, though odd at times, does help intensify the whole thing and put it together nicely and further the feel that you're fighting a tough enemy. I find that the removal of the music as you go underwater sells the effect of being underwater. The music also helps to tell what period of time you're in and where you're at with the medieval middle-east sounding music.

The story was good. It was short, sweet and to the point, but not so much that you don't get to appreciate it. The story part was long enough that you got a good idea as to what was going on but short enough to hold back complaint of it being too gameplay-interrupting. At the end of the story was what I thought was a nice and, in a way, pleasant story twist. I won't go into details about the story but I will say that it's good and kept you paying attention to it.

By the time I first finished it I was ready for the game to be over, but after playing it through for a second time my only complaint is that it wasn't longer. I would say that it is one of my favorite flash game out of the over 800 that I've played for being a fun, challenging and well balanced game.


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An interesting game that deserves some praise. The controls are simple and is easy to learn. There are several songs available for you to play, and each one has a differing amount of difficulty. Of course the way difficulty is addressed is also interesting, as you get the notes released closer and closer together. The fact that it doesn't appear to save if disappointing however and that should be introduced. On the jam session, you start out with basics and move on to harder and harder songs. This game has some great things going for it, conversely though, it has some things that aren't so great.

Of the cons for this game, perhaps the worse is if you have a trackpad, it can be really hard to impossible because of how much easier a mouse is to use. It is also really easy to master, so perhaps making the disks run on separate controls would be a good thing to add. The jam session should have more songs in it, possibly every song, because it is too short. And when I looked at the requirements for the songs, I found one to be ambiguous as it says achieve rock master in jam session, which could mean on every song or on one song or anywhere in between.

Overall, the game has some good and bad, earning it anywhere an eight. I really like the ease of control, but dislike the way the songs are easy and then difficulty jumps way up on the fourth song in jam session. Some of the songs sound really cool, but others are medicore. Definitely a great game, but it has room to improve.

This is a review I wrote a while ago for coolioDJ, so I figured this would be a great place to start, before moving on to colony.

~~~Darth Caedus

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What the heck. I could swear I put my comment on here to sign up.... Now its not here.. Anyway ill join and be able to write a review of COLONY. Thanks


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I'll join

I will begin my search for where my merits came from (I know they weren't game comments) and have them as soon as I can

As for my game..yeah..I don't know yet. Will also get back to you on that later

Basically...just wanted to sign up real quicklys


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How did I miss this. I was all ready for this too. Can't believe I was late.

Never fear. Time to write.

Eleventh Hour (Review)

Sometimes I feel like the games that make it on to armorgames aren't as great as what I would expect. This game obviously has had several hours put into the game but I feel as if it is rushed and needs several improvements. However, I believe that this game should have a higher rating than it does because the game is actually quite interesting once you get it down to the core. Just needs a bit of spit and polish.

The first thing that really makes me like this game is actually the storyline. Those of you that have played the game are probably really confused and thinking, "The story? Are you joking? This is possibly one of the vaguest stories I've ever seen and you're saying it is good?" OK, fair enough. It isn't exactly the most gripping storyline and it looked like it was made in a "Spur of the moment" sort of way but the basis of the story really felt like a great story to me. However it did leave many questions unanswered such as, "What was the point of the bomb?", "Why is the daughter needed?" and "Why are there zombies?" These don't have a huge impact on the story but it could have been easily explained. The storyline really dips because of a huge flaw in the game, interacting basically is not possible with people while you are actually playing the game. It could have made it a little more fun to talk to people who gave us more about the story. Otherwise the people serve no purpose other than art. At the end of the day the storyline (despite being vague) did give me a reason to replay the game if I failed. I think the story wasn't horrible but if you expanded on the original idea, you could be on to something.

Storyline: 6.8/10

The gameplay really does let the game down though. I will admit that I enjoyed it, but looking back it was probably the easiest to finish game that I have ever played. There is a total of 11 zombies that you need to kill (Yes I counted). This takes away any sense of achievement from finishing the game. It's not one of those games that is short, but once you finish you have that, "YES!" moment. It's just a bit "Meh". The zombie dies instantly upon shooting it as well, I don't think I died in the game once from just zombies. However, this is understandable due to the game only being one or two minutes. Overall it isn't a disaster but it really needs to be MUCH harder because that would make the short game feel much longer than one minute.

Gameplay: 3/10

The animation/art was my favourite part of the game. I like how the zombies in the game look scary despite the cute looking art. The NPC's and yourself also look very nice and bring a lot to the table. As I have no idea on game design I can't say this as a definite but I think if the time spent in art was moved over to gameplay, this would be a good game.

Graphics/Art: 8/10

The biggest let down for me was definitely the time spent in game. The game can be finished in no time at all. I don't think I would have spent more than 1 minute on this game if I wasn't reviewing it. There's only one way to improve the replay value of a game and that is to add more levels, NPCs, zombies, etc. If you spent just one month more on this game I could have had a really great time.

Ammount of time spent in game: 1/10

I can't say really anything about the controls. This is because there's barely any buttons that you even need to use. There was one problem though, I would have possibly made skip "1" instead of "S". It's not that big of a deal but is still important. Customisable controls wouldn't be half bad either.

Controls: 9/10

In the end I must say I did enjoy this game. Maybe because I haven't played a flash game in a while or possible because the game was actually well made. The game doesn't give an impression of a huge ammount of time being spent on it though and I actually don't think the game should have made it to armorgames because it lacks all the important elements of a good game.

Overall: 6/10


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The game: Armed with wings 3 (
My comment: I think This game deserves 10/10 just for the Concept art,Special effects,The awesome Story,and The amazing sound-track,Well done,


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I'm in,I made a better comment:
Game: Solarsaurus (
-Game play- 3/5
The game-play is ok,Very simple i'll say,nothing interesting,You could add some items,Lives,etc...boring after the first try.
The dinosaures are very small,Not a high quality,same thing for the planets,
-Effects- 4/5
i like The space background,but The planets movement is fast,
-Over all- 6/10,I'll say nice game,Played it once and got bored


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@Cenere Says the guy with like 0 game comment merits.

I thought it was something I said? Not some guy with no game comment merits?

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@colony101 Are you signing up?
@toprichieboy You'll need to refresh the page to see new posts from the last time you viewed the thread.
@Cenere That doesn't make much sense to me anymore. Not sure why I said that.

I'll get to you guys later.

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