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Welcome to SIPPYCUpS, the comment merit guarantee!
SIPPYCUpS (aka the Self-Improvement Program Promoting Your Comment Upgrade Success) is an introduction to the world of game comment merits. Game comment merits are given to superb game reviews, of which you could be one of many writers! SIPPYCUpS will help you on your way to your very first merit. If you want to earn merits, but don't know where to start, SIPPYCUpS is a good place. You write, we review, you learn! When you complete SIPPYCUpS, you will earn your guaranteed merit right away! And you'll also know what it takes it write great game comments and maybe earn more merits on your own.
It's easy to join SIPPYCUpS! Just sign up in this thread. SIPPYCUpS is available to everyone who has not already completed SIPPYCUpS, but only users with 0 merits before signing up can earn the merit right away after completing SIPPYCUpS.*

*If users have merits from sources other than game comments, they must link to all comments containing the merits. Should that total be equal to the merit count upon enrollment, that user will be eligible for the merit.
Once you are approved for SIPPYCuPS, you are ready to start!
1.) Read Up about merits if you haven't already. Don't worry. It isn't a long read.
2.) Look Up a game you like and play it through. Take notes as you play.
3.) Write Up a review of it. Don't know where to start? We'll help you with that.
4.) Proof Up your review and correct any mistakes. This is an important step.
5.) Post Up your review in this thread. A SIPPYCUpS representative will review your review.
Once your review has been reviewed by a representative of SIPPYCUpS, you can start improving your review by looking at the suggestions. Do you need to work on your grammar? Do you need to add something to your review? Do you need to rewrite for clarity? Learn from these suggestions! Repeat.
Once your final review has been approved, you have leveled up with SIPPYCUpS! Now you know what it takes to write a great game comment. Post your review to the game and earn your well-deserved merit. You can now use what you learned to write better comments in the future and maybe earn more merits, and you'll know you earned these on your own. You now also qualify for SIPPYCUpS+ Premium Advantage!

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