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Ever felt like life was just kicking you in the nuts?

Posted Nov 27, '12 at 7:51am



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sorry i still have too, here is another song.

And please ignore all the "happy chrismas" crap in the background.

remmember, you are still lucky then many other peopels.


Posted Nov 27, '12 at 3:10pm



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I think my life isn't too crappy, but my moms life is very bad (please don't call me mamas boy). So when she met my dad... you know, everything was fine and they trusted each other n' stuff. My dad was in the "black list" (black list is like when you have borrowed something and you haven't gave it back, then you are not allowed to borrow anything else, that's pretty much the black list). And he asked my mother to borrow about 40000$ from the bank (yes, forty thousand bucks), my dad said that they will be able to pay back for it. Then, after a few years the bad stuff started, my mom and dad broke up. My dad went to Norway and my mom stayed here with me. And now my dad is getting like 5000$ a month, but my mom is getting way less. Like 400$ a month. And she needs to pay like 60000$ now. Which is kinda impossible. And my dad doesn't want to help even though he was the one with the idea. And its also that its not just my dads or moms or my fault, but its also the banks fault because they didn't even think about a limit how much to borrow and since my mom was one of (note: one of) the people who borrowed (im almost certain that there are people who borrowed even more) money from the bank, they just put all the blame on my mother. Now we almost dont even have enough money to eat any dinner. And sooner or later i will have to say goodbye to you guys because we will lose the laptop and ipad too. So yeah. Thats also affecting me because as i already said, we almost dont have money for any dinner. And well my school life kinda sucks too because im being harrased all the time and its impossible to ignore it. And AG is the only place where i feel safe and forget about all the sh**tyness in my life.



Posted Nov 27, '12 at 7:51pm



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Killersup's left nut was actually replaced this past summer. Its now titanium....go ahead life, just try it...


Posted Nov 27, '12 at 7:53pm



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If life hits you in the nuts then hit life back, harder.


Posted Dec 16, '12 at 6:42pm



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i am not a guy so u can see where this is wrong. but if life kicks me, i will punch it in the face and say screw u then kick life where it doesnt wanna be kicked. take that life!

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