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Live from the end of the... world?

Posted Nov 19, '12 at 3:28am



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So much for the baffled confusion, I guess.
Gantic is quite right, it is (most likely) not meant to be taken seriously as in "We actually believe the world is going to end on this day and want you to have a blast of a show before it happens".
The reason for this is why I was confused in the first place: The vast majority here does not care about this. It was mentioned maybe once in some talkshow back in January, everybody shrugged and it stopped being a phenomenon and started being something I only saw people talk about online.
Why the heck they decided to theme their party like this, I have no idea.


When the world doesn't end. A lot of peolpe witll be ****ed an want their fifty bucks back.

It's one of those things like alien abduction insurance. Smart people making money perfectly legally thanks to all those idiots. Why not taking even further capital from the Mayan calendar hysteria? Smart thing, really.

Doubtfully. As mentioned, comedian is a host, not to mention I doubt the national radio and TV service would scheme like this. It's rather hard to get out of, when you are the biggest TV service in the country, and the Government pays half of your programming as well.

Why would I buy tickets? If I thought it would be the end of the world then I would just sneak in. What would they do, arrest me?

This is being held in 'Koncert Huset' (concert house), so you would need a ticket to come see the liveshow, as you most likely would find the doors closed and people checking for ticket at all times. It's not a small place, but there isn't much room for sneaking in either.
Also, see above, it's (most likely) a gimmick.

As for people going to watch, I am not sure I can find a stream for this if you were serious about it, since the one I normally uses seems to be limited to Danish IP addresses.

This is almost a rip of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Almost.

First though after general confusion as well.
Would rather go to the restaurant, though.

I am surprised, however, that this is the first TV special I've heard of. You'd think NBC would've capitalized on this already. So you can't blame Americans for this.

That was what I thought as well. Hence this thread.
I find it a little unsettling that Danes could think this up on their own.

I will try to give a translation to the page, then.
December 21st Koncert Huset and DR2 Team will open the doors for a massive experience beyond the usual. On this day, the earth will, as several have predicted, end, and with this occasion DR2 Tema presents 'Live from the end of the world'. With Rasmus Botoft as host the evening will include entertainment, fantastic musical experiences and perspectives on the end from celebrities and experts.
December 21st has been spun in myths and predictions. On the entire planet people wonder about the end of the world, doom's day or maybe a new beginning. It's a big day and it might be the last. That is why every effort has been made to give the Danes a proper farewell, spoil, inform and create community at this weird date of fate.
The biggest party on the last evening.
[Explanations on who will be there of entertainment and experts, none of which could be considered experts on the end of the world, as well as what else can be expected on the show]
The stories of the end of the world.
[Generic explanation on the basis for the night, the thing about Mayans and Nostradamus, how preppers and a city in Southern France are preparing and that Google presents more than six million hits on this date]
The last programme.
"DR2 Tema has through time enriched the Danes with more than 700 themes about everything from blondes to insomnia. The theme about the end of the world might be the last in history and that is why DR2 on this occasion wants to make a [huge fuss out of nothing] with entertainment, drama, music, theory, reports, celebrities and much more. If this does get to be the last show ever, it will go out with a bang," says Peter Gren Larsen, the program director of DR2.

So, there's that.
Honestly not the more interesting of thins, but I really did wonder if they stole the idea somewhere, because they are not usually this - creative on their own.

Posted Dec 8, '12 at 5:37am



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oh man, ending is just the beginning for another life rght?

so, jst live our final day as it could....

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