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A World War 3 Scenario Game
Based off the Homefront timeline.

Country Sheet
Government: (Based on your country, leave blank)
Date and Year: September 2027
Faction: (Based on your country)
Allies: (I will put based on country)
Enemies: (I will put based on country)
Organizations and Treaties: None
Weapons of Mass Destruction: (I will put)
Population: (Since this is 2027, just make an estimate)
Infantry: (Make a unit name, type of unit, and the size)
Aircraft: (Type of aircraft, amount, etc.)
Armored: (Type of vehicles, amount, etc.)
Drones/Unmanned: (Type of drone, amount, etc.)


Following the death of Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un takes control of North Korea, who then creates plans of uniting the two Koreas.

The demand for Chinese goods falls, creating massive unemployment in China and Taiwan.

Kim Jong-Un peacefully unites the two Koreas to create the Greater Korean Republic.

After the United States and its allies leave the Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia grow to become the superpowers of the region. They both compete in an arms race and for influential superiority.

The United States moves troops out of Korea, as a result of rejection by the Koreans.

The United States removes military presence on Okinawa.

Gas prices rise up to $9 a gallon and continue to rise.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are confirmed to have tested nuclear weapons.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran increase. Gas prices rise up to $20. Russia backs up Iran, while North Africa and the rest of Arabia (except Syria and Israel) backs up Saudi Arabia.

The United States and Chinese unemployment skyrockets.

Ukraine and Russia sign an agreement stating they do not share their oil with anyone else except for close allies.

Iraqi government falls and Saudi Arabia takes control.

The United States navy shrinks considerably as a result of the increasing depression affecting the West.

The United States withdraws all troops overseas and encounters a deadly epidemic which kills thousands.

Piracy becomes normal within the United States, the Caribbean, and the Pacific as a result of the absence of the United States navy.

Turkey abandons NATO, and joins Saudi Arabia in a coalition. Iran declares plans to intervene in Saudi Arabian Iraq.

Gas prices rise even more, and as a result gas is rationed and considerable extremely valuable.

Many populous US States close their borders to prevent disease spread and many other problems.

Japanese riots occur to protest against alleged Korean attempts to assassinate the Japanese royal family.

United States makes gas dealerships and stores illegal.

Korean and Japanese relations become increasingly tense while they attempt to talk peace talks in a UN meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

United States declares martial law. It is clear the United States is already crumbling and many riots sprout across the states.

Military funding drops due to the financial crash.

Korea declares war on Japan, however no one is able to support Japan due to the extremely great depression in the Western World.

Japan surrenders to Korea.

The UN is unable to act to the destruction of Japan by Korea.

The United States faces nationwide starvation and a decrease in population due to high amounts of deaths caused by disease and malnutrition.

Canada closes its borders to the USA.

Korea becomes the greatest supplier of enterprise and military electronics.

Many South East Asian nations join Korea due to the collapsing Western World.

Mexico closes its borders to the USA.

A pandemic affects much of Western USA, killing thousands.

The Korean Army becomes the largest army in the world.

Korea launches new satellites to replace the no longer supported American ones.

Korea launches an EMP over the United States, and launches an invasion in Hawaii and Southern California.

The US President resigns.

Korea invades Eastward and into Alaska.

Many populous US cities in the West are destroyed by Korea.

NATO and UN are unable to support the US in fighting Korea. Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, and Iran create an alliance to support each other.

China joins Korea in an alliance.

Russia and Korea begin trading military equipment and oil.

India decides to create a non-aggression pact with Korea, however does not join their faction.

NATO and Allies(Blue):
Canada, USA, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Israel, Australia, New Zealand.

Greater Korean Republic (Red):
Korea, Japan, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan (disputed).

Russian Pact (Green):
Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Iran, Cuba.

Arab League (Tan):
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Djibouti, Somalia.

This game is singleplayer, so 1 player only.


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