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The old thread died. Basically Octocan is Canned octopus. You must think of uses. You can also put Warnings just to be funny. If I have violated some rule please lock this. I'll start

1. Mind Control Device

Is your parent or brother giving you stupid rules? Well not anymore with Octocan! Simply Plop the quid down on someones head and voila! They're now you're brainless minions!

Warning: Octocan may cause permanent stupidity,

2. Wedding Gift

Uh-oh it's your friends wedding and you forgot a gift No problem! You can tie a bunch to the back of there car and Presto! A Wedding gift. Or plop it out of the can and start their personal aquarium.

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Sorry to rain on your parade, but OctoCan has not died. It's on the front page! So this is kinda spam.

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