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Grammar Nazi

Posted Nov 20, '12 at 7:58am



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Who here is  a grammar Nazi? I can't stand it when people butcher the English language online. Who else is a grammar nazi?


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 8:02am



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Me are some grammar nazis! Just kidding. I am a grammar Nazi, too. Come to think of it, I'm less of a grammar nazi and more of a grammar democratic republican.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 10:26am



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beeng grummur nuzi r kewl.

haha, just kidding, I could be classified as a grammar nazi, it ticks me off when I see the crap that people post nowadays.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 11:26am



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To be honest, I rarely point out anyone's grammatical or spelling errors on here, since I'm sure I make quite a few myself.

However, if I'm in a Kong chatroom and someone comes in with terrible grammar trying to troll I usually just do something like.


And so forth, just to try annoy them, otherwise I never really do it.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 11:37am



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you're * is the one I would like to nazi everyone about.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 2:33pm



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Grammatik Macht Frei!

Your/You're and There/Their/They're and Whos/Who's and It/It's are the only ones I really care about personally. Though I only really watch myself for mistakes than go around and correct everyone elses.

Is it just me, or has this thread made me really self-concious about my grammar? I think I've gone through and triple checked everything and I'm still not sure... :/


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 2:37pm



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My mom is more of a grammar Nazi then I am. Or is it than? I always get those confused. I do however piss people off. People will ask me if I can do something and I will reply that I CAN. The smart ones then know that I want them to use the word will. The dumb ones just stare blankly at me.

Also my English teacher said that you have to read the book to do good on the test. I wanted to walk out right then. It is do well! Come on! You are an English teacher.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 3:23pm



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I think I've gone through and triple checked everything and I'm still not sure... :/

Comma between independent clauses linked by a conjunction.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 3:30pm



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You even cares about dis... Its online... U guys r crazy to care.

Jk... I try to not completely mess it up but... For example aspostrophes don't matter to me when I'm on the Internet. Or capitalizing i.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 3:35pm



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W├╝rden Sie nicht haben, werden Deutsch sprechen eine korrekte Grammatik Nazi sein?

I know this is an  English ONLY forum, so here's what I typed into Google Translate.

Wouldn't you have to be speaking German to be a proper grammar nazi?

~~~Darth Caedus

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