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Grammar Nazi

Posted Nov 21, '12 at 10:37am



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Grammar Nazi refers to someone who corrects other people's grammar.

I think Patrick took me a bit too seriously.

1 w1ll s0m3t1m3s c0rr3ct b4d gr4mm4r, 8ut n0t v3ry 0ft3n 4t 4ll. (|337 speak on purpose)

~~~Darth Caedus

Posted Nov 21, '12 at 2:01pm



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Someone who corrects people using improper grammar is not a Grammar Nazi.

Someone who goes around YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and more with posts consisting only of rants about improper grammar or corrections is a Grammar Nazi.

The second person would definitely be a grammar Nazi, but the first is unclear. Do you mean:

Uses incorrect grammar to correct someone else's incorrect grammar? That would not be grammar Nazi-ism. That would be hypocrisy.

OR do you mean:

Corrects someone else's incorrect grammar without intentionally using incorrect grammar? If someone does this often enough, that is grammar Nazi-ism. Grammar Nazi-ism is determined by the frequency of corrections, so doing it once only doesn't make once a grammar Nazi. However, if this is repeated over and over again, the grammar Nazi-ism increases with each repetition.

They're was no point in my post where I used the wrong, "They're", "There" or "Their".

You may not have intentionally made an error, but you made the same error in this post and the previous. The bolded word in the above and below quotes should be "There".

Seriously, if you go over they're to another forum you will see what I mean when the whole forum is filled with "*They're" and you see 10 people that post within about a minute about the small errors in someones post.

As explained earlier in this post, that correction alone does not make me a grammar Nazi. I merely made the correction to either expose trolling or to make sure you don't make the same mistake again.

Posted Nov 21, '12 at 2:08pm



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Do you mean
OR do you mean

Neither. I meant someone who may simply point out someone else's incorrect grammar.

Admittedly, I could have phrased that sentence better.

Someone who corrects other people's incorrect grammar is not a Grammar Nazi.

Basically, if I see a mistake and correct it, that does not automatically make me one.

However, if this is repeated over and over again, the grammar Nazi-ism increases with each repetition.

I would argue that it depends on both the frequency and other content. Obviously someone who posts to only correct grammar is a Grammar Nazi. Someone who posts other content along with it (and not all the time correcting) would not be one, even if they do correct it sometimes.

Posted Nov 23, '12 at 1:36pm



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I mean if someone has acouple of erroes in thier message no problem but wan sumwun stirts tiepeng liek thay got no cence it dus get anoeyeng.


Posted Nov 23, '12 at 3:50pm



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I'm not a grammar nazi,I'm a grammar king.

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