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Weird Questions

Posted Nov 20, '12 at 12:45pm



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What is the weirdest question anyone has ever asked you?

Here's mine: Ok I'm at the store with my Mom and Granny and this dude walks up to me and asks me if I'm from France. I've never been outside of the country so this creeps me out cause I don't even think I'm part French. I answer with a no and then my Mom gets in this friendly conversation with the dude. After that we buy our things and leave.


Posted Nov 20, '12 at 12:50pm



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The home of creepy questions..

Anyhow, offhand, I'm not too sure of the weirdest question anyone's ever asked me in person.
It would most likely be random people walking up to me asking how old I am, where I live or something like that.

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