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Battle of the Brands (Current battle: pg. 179)

Posted Jan 6, '14 at 5:49pm



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Never been to a White Castle, heard lots about them, but never been to one. So my vote is Wendy's



Posted Jan 8, '14 at 1:20am



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- White Castle = Delicious burgers, but special White Castle gas the next day.

Wendy's = Jr. bacon cheeseburger, but is the bacon made out of sawdust?

- White Castle = What I Crave (they say).

Wendy's = It's better than fast food... It's Wendy's (according to Google.)

- White Castle = Expensive, order always comes to $20 or more, sliders are gone within seconds :[. Why did I buy the clam strips?
Food is made fresh, which means it takes longer and I will suffer more third degree burns inside my mouth.

Wendy's = Less expensive, quicker meal times, but is the meat patty sawdust?

- White Castle = Appearance, pretends to be clean with all white stuff, secretly dirty. Wash hands after going there.

Wendy's = Appearance, goes for the brown hues. Inside of restaurant is depressing, but at least they're truthful about their dirt. Still, wash your hands after going there.

- White Castle = You will feel out of place ordering food there if it isn't after 2am on weeknights.

Wendy's = Oops, I thought the sign said McDonalds, do you guys have any sawdust, I mean burgers?

My vote is for White Castle. I don't order it often, but they make the food fresh and it usually tastes very good.


Posted Jan 10, '14 at 1:23pm



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Wendy's wins 13-5.

In dapros absence, he requested that I post the next battle.


Ends in five-six days.


Posted Jan 10, '14 at 2:23pm



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Sams club is that a gentlemans club? Well its what it sounds like.

Either way I have actually heard of costco so I guess by default that makes my vote go for them.


Posted Jan 10, '14 at 2:36pm



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Sam's club by far.. Well not really but I used to go there all the time instead of Costco..

The funny thing is that here they have PriceSmart which is basically Costco but overseas.. and I love it. But out of nostalgia... Sam's Club.


Posted Jan 10, '14 at 2:40pm



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Gah I don't know any of these American brands, going to go with costco though as I have heard the name before. I have no idea what it is though.


Posted Jan 12, '14 at 11:39am



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Sam's Club, never heard of costco.


Posted Jan 13, '14 at 5:56pm



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Costco, I've never been to a Sam's Club before.


Posted Jan 13, '14 at 6:05pm



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Costco, even though I've never been to both of them and I haven't heard of the latter.


Posted Jan 13, '14 at 7:09pm



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I didn't even know about Sam's Club until a few years ago, but I go to Costco all the time. Costco

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