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My track was created on free rider 2!!!

Hope you enjoy it copy and paste it into the map thing and my course will come up!! Can you complete it with a moutain bike or BMX? If you can send me a message and I'll ad you as my friend!!!

Copy and paste the stuff underneath to get it!!

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1i 26 1j 32 1j 3u 1k 4q 1h 5l 1d 6f 19 74 16 7m 13 94 v ah t c0 o dg i f3 b gg 5 i0 -1 jj -6 l8 -b mu -h ol -m qe -r s7 -10 u0 -14 vp -1a 11f -1i 136 -1s 14t -26 16l -2h 18e -2u 1a7 -3h 1c1 -49 1dq -51 1fk -5p 1he -6i 1j8 -7b 1l3 -84 1mv -8u 1os -9n 1qq -ah 1sp -ba 1un -c1 20m -co 22m -df 24l -e6 26l -et 28k -fj 2ah -g7 2cc -gs 2e7 -hk 2g3 -id 2hv -j9,2hv -j9 2js -k5 2lo -l3 2nk -m1 2pd -ne 2qm -op 2rv -q5 2t9 -rh 2ui -su 2vr -ub 315 -vo 32e -115 33o -12j 351 -140 36a -15e 37k -16t 38t -18b,3id -17f 3j4 -17e 3k5 -17b 3lg -173 3ms -16t 3of -16n 3ps -16i 3rc -16c 3su -164 3ui -15t 407 -15k 420 -158 43r -14f 454 -13d 46e -127 47p -113 495 -vv 4ah -ur 4bt -tm 4da -sh 4en -rc 4g4 -q6 4hi -p0 4iv -np 4k9 -mi 4li -la 4mq -k2 4o1 -ir 4p9 -hj 4qh -ga 4ro -f2 4t0 -dq 4u9 -ci 4vi -ba 50s -a2 527 -8q 53k -7l 552 -6h 56g -5f 57u -4g 59d -3k 5as -2s 5cq -2e 5ep -2q 5gn -3a 5im -3q 5kh -4f 5m4 -5j 5nm -6p 5p8 -81 5qn -9d,5qn -9d 5s4 -as 5tf -ce 5uq -e1 605 -fk 61g -h8 62s -is 647 -kg 65i -m5 66u -nq 689 -pg 69l -r5 6b0 -sr,6hk -n7 6il -nb 6jl -nb 6kt -mv 6mb -mc 6nl -ln 6p1 -l2 6qe -kk 6rs -k7 6td -jv 6uv -jq 70j -jl 728 -jg 73u -ja 75l -j5 77d -j3 797 -j6 7b3 -jb 7d0 -jj 7eu -jr 7gs -k3 7iq -kb 7kp -kj 7mo -kr 7on -l3 7qm -lb 7sl -lj 7ul -lr 80k -m3 82k -mb 84j -mj 86j -mr 88j -n2 8ai -na 8ci -ni 8ei -nq 8gi -o2 8ii -oa 8ki -oi 8mi -oq 8oh -p2 8qh -pa 8sh -pi 8uh -pq 90h -q2 92h -qa 94h -qi 96h -qq 98h -r2 9ah -ra 9ch -ri,9ch -ri 9eh -rq 9gh -s2 9ih -sa 9kh -si 9mh -sp 9og -t1 9qf -t8 9se -tg 9ud -tp a0b -u1 a2a -ub a48 -un a67 -va a86 -101,a87 -101 a93 -10d a9r -10l aaj -10s ab9 -113 acj -11k ae2 -127 afj -12n ah6 -133 aiq -13c ake -13i am3 -13n ano -13r ape -140 ar5 -147 *** -14d auk -14m b0d -14v b26 -159 b40 -15i b5q -15r b7k -164 b9e -16f bb8 -16r bd2 -17b bes -17t bgm -18g bih -194 bkc -19r bm7 -1ao bo1 -1br bpe -1cq bqq -1dp,bup -1d2 bvv -1c6 c12 -1ba c20 -1aj c33 -19o c4f -18n c5m -17p c70 -16o c8c -15l c9r -14g cbd -139 cd0 -121 cek -10n cga -vd chj -uc cit -tc ck7 -sb cli -ra cmu -qa coa -pc cpm -oe cr2 -nh cse -ml ctq -lp cv7 -ku d13 -jt d2v -j2 d4r -ic d6n -hs d8j -hn daf -hj dcc -hg de8 -hl dg4 -i0 di0 -ic djq -iu dlh -jp dn8 -kp dov -lp dqm -mr dsc -nv du2 -p5 dvo -qc e1d -rl e33 -sv e4p -u9 e6f -vk e85 -10t e9r -124 ebi -138 eda -147,eda -147 ef2 -14p egk -14p ehs -14e ej6 -13p eka -132 eln -12a end -11r ep3 -11r eqo -126 esb -12v etu -13r evh -14e f15 -14p f2q -14q f4f -14i f63 -146 f7o -13n f9d -13a fb3 -133 fcn -133 fec -13e fg1 -13q fhn -146 fjd -14g fl3 -14m fmq -14m foi -14i fqa -14a fs3 -13t ftt -13e fvo -12u g1l -12h g3k -12k g5k -138 g75 -13t g8k -14n ga0 -15k gbc -16j gco -17j ge4 -18j gfg -19k ggs -1al gi8 -1bn,gmb -19v gn8 -190 go4 -186 gp1 -17g gq7 -16j grc -15n gsl -14m gu2 -13k gvh -12g h13 -11d h2n -10e h4c -vq h61 -vl h7n -vq h9e -101 hb6 -107 hcu -10e hen -10q hgh -11d hib -122 hk6 -12q hm1 -13i hns -14b hpo -154 hrl -15t htk -16m hvl -17c i1n -17s i3o -188 i5o -18h i7m -18m i9j -18q ibe -18r ida -18t if6 -18v ih4 -192 ij2 -197 il0 -19d imv -19j##

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