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game genre?

Posted Nov 23, '12 at 3:06am



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what is your favorite game genre? if you want type a reason and what game you like.

mine is shooter. These games have really good graphics. I am interested in Call of Duty, and Halo


Posted Nov 23, '12 at 9:37am



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Strategy, RPG and Shooter.

I just have an undying love for strategy games. Echoes, StarCraft and Warcraft.

RPG because of Mass Effect 2, and 3.

Shooter because of Halo 3, 4 and Reach.


Posted Nov 23, '12 at 9:07pm



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Shooters tend to keep me more interested I do like Rpgs but can get easily bored so I end up restarting a lot.


Posted Nov 24, '12 at 3:54am



10,172 posts of right now I tend to only play three types of genres.. haha

Hack and Slash - due to my obsession with Three Kingdom era and Dynasty Warriors

RPG - The only thing to hate about these games is how elaborate and complex they could become

Sports - Baseball. Yankees. Represent.


Posted Nov 24, '12 at 4:09am



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At first RPG. It is the genre I started with and I really love Mass Effect (2)(3) and the Elder Scrolls series.

And Strategy games are always fun to LAN such as C&C Generals and Starcraft.

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