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Mario Kart Superiority

Posted Feb 25, '13 at 4:25am



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I've played like 1200 hours on Mario Kart 7, so it's my favorite.
But I also really like GBA version.


Posted Feb 25, '13 at 5:57pm



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I grew up with Double Dash on the Gamecube. I've played a few of the others and they just don't do it for me the way Double Dash did.


Posted Feb 26, '13 at 6:40pm



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Mariokart Wii definitely gets the addicting award. Holy crap, I played that for so many hours. Whenever my friends and I played, I had to try to remember to 'forget' a lot of my tricks so as to not be a complete jerk while playing, lol. I think I placed pretty highly in one of the competition thingymajiggs - I can't remember which one, though. It was probably a year or more ago by now.
I don't have to do that, my main opponent is my brother-in-law, and he's a pretty good Standard Kart drifter.

~~~Darth Caedus
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