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Bigfoot DNA?

Posted Dec 5, '12 at 3:37pm



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I hope that It's true someone has found Bigfoot DNA because then we can clone a Bigfoot.


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 11:29pm



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I'm only about 30 minutes into this interview and Dr.Disotell has already ripped this story a new one.

It's 148 long
Bigfoot DNA- Dr Todd Disotell interview on Monster Talk

A couple of points he makes is that Dr.Ketchum has no publications to her name. There has been nothing presented to examine these results. He also mentions given his position that he would have gotten word of this being submitted for peer review, and he has heard nothing. He also heavily questions the split of 15,000 thousand years ago. Since that would just be us, or as he puts it "that would be Native Americans".

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