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Posted Nov 29, '12 at 8:29pm



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If you could choose Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, or Adele, who would you pick?
PS. I would pick Nicki Minaj!


Posted Nov 29, '12 at 8:33pm



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I detest Nicki Minaj's song, it's as if a chipmunk inhaled two quarts of helium and then switched on a high frequency dentist drill. Kesha cannot sing live to save her life.

Adele on the other hand is pure class compared to them. Plus, Skyfall is a smashing song.


Posted Dec 21, '12 at 6:06pm



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I would have to agree and say that Adele is not even in the same realm as Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha. Nicki and Kesha use synthesizers and Adele sounds amazing even when she is live.


Posted Dec 22, '12 at 5:24pm



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I have to admit, Nicki's voice isnt that good but she can really rap. She has some skill. Kesha on the other hand is okay, nothing special except maybe 3 of her many songs.

Adele on the other hand is basically the vocal queen. She's everything to the music industry. She has talent, AND shes beautiful.

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