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Posted Nov 30, '12 at 5:30pm



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Physics major, junior in college, breaking into computer science.
You'll be seeing some games I'm developing recently soon on my profile (within a week for the first one).

Got some great game ideas, some great coding experience, and am looking to code for Android and iOS but testing the waters with online flash games. I'll update on here when I release the first game so be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!
p.s. please judge harshly, the people who are deciding whether or not to pay a dollar on the phone will!

Also, if anyone at Armor Games sees this, I would love to find out someone to talk to within your company for developing/selling games/etc..


Posted Dec 4, '12 at 2:04am



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I judge harshly on English; spelling and grammatical structures. I JUST went on a rant about this. But seeing as though you are in college I can imagine you understand that if you are going to be taking your time to create something, you will be polishing it to look, feel, and sound good. That includes proper English.

Its a pet peeve, why, not sure. Probably because American's are really losing touch with good English.


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 12:12pm



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PauseBreak, I really don't see yalls problem with my english.

Welcome to armor games, I am quite excited to see a developer who interacts, something rarely seen around here. If you would like to chat or have a question drop me a comment.

Have fun!


Posted Dec 7, '12 at 6:11pm



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Welcome nick and do you like pie?


Posted Dec 7, '12 at 6:59pm



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Welcome Nick! You may want to check out our game submission if you have something you'd like to share with us.

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