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New and need friends

Posted Nov 30, '12 at 7:02pm



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Hi im new and love Hunger Games oh and I need friends!


Posted Dec 4, '12 at 2:01am



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Well, seeing as no one was polite enough to say hello I will take the 30 secs to say hello, "hello!"

I didn't read the books, probably never will. I saw the I think I'm too old to really get into it.

This is focused on the community:
What's with everyone needing friends? Am I missing something? I'm assuming there are points to be had or some thing? I just can't fathom why you all would be in desperate need of friends on a extensively 1 player game site.


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 12:17pm



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Hello, welcome, dot rush off please take your time and stay a little while. I too love the Hunger Games, and I know someone else who does too, her name is Katnip28. If you have questions feel free to ask and I'm sure many a people will have the answer.


Posted Dec 5, '12 at 3:42pm



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Ugh manly I was going to show Clovee Katnip, now I need to find someone else.

Anyways welcome Clovee, enjoy some nightlock berries.

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