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How many languages do you know?

Posted Apr 5, '13 at 12:32am



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I do as well..I speak fluent mumble

I know two languages too! One is English, the other is the rarely known language of Awesome.

Posted May 27, '13 at 10:20am



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dutch(but i am dutch) english german french a little spanish, swedish, a little finnish, serbian and croatian
dutch- Ik mag braaf stilzitten
german - Ich darf artig still sitzen
french - vous-voulez des crayons?
spanish - llamo Liendwien
swedish - jag :Undrar :Ar du redo att vara med.
finnish - hei! minun nimeni on Reeta, hauska tutustua?
serbian - k'o dam sam luda!
croatian -ljuta sam kao brana

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