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It's Christmas?!?

Posted Dec 2, '12 at 6:49pm



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I'm going to spend time with my relatives, eat food, open some awesome presents, and try to avoid that one cousin who seems to think I'm a total nerd for posting on AG.

Nothing out of the ordinary, basically.


Posted Dec 2, '12 at 7:36pm



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I spent today putting up Christmas lights. They look pretty sweet for them not being professionally done.

I just want money for Christmas so me and my brother can save up for a car.

Actually, one of my favorite things about Christmas is the meal. It's unbelievable how much good food there can be at my table. It's about 10x better than Thanksgiving.


Posted Dec 2, '12 at 7:41pm



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I have two (insert plural of Christmas here) a year. So I go to my grandparents' house and then I have one at mine. We usually talk and eat and open gifts.


Posted Dec 2, '12 at 8:45pm



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Well, if they are old enough, they will both be dead soon enough

Im so sorry about my humor, I should have never said yolo.....

Naw, it's cool. That's probably something I would've said. :P
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