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The Best Defense is a Great Annoyance

Posted Dec 3, '12 at 4:23am



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Two defense games that I really like are Elona Shooter and Enigmata Stellar War. They have some other elements that make them harder and more fun to play, along with re-playability.

I totally agree about Elona Shooter, that's my all time favorite defense game. I haven't tried Enigmata Stellar War, but I guess I'll have to, now.

And yes, defense games are getting really boring. Nobody seems to even try to be original these days.

Defense games isn't the only genre I'm growing extremely tired of. There are way too many unoriginal launch games, zombie games, RTS games and RPGs. The thing I hate most is that original and unique games often have a bad rating.

Posted Dec 5, '12 at 5:05pm



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Sanctum and Orcs must die are like tower defence but you play as your character to help stop the enemies as well as building towers.


Posted Dec 8, '12 at 8:51am



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I checked em out, but they failed to meet my expectations, Cale


Posted Dec 8, '12 at 1:25pm



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There is one good td... Kingdom rush. The rest are just dull.

First, KR is not even a tower game. You can move your troops and do some strategy this way instead of being stuck with having a tower and simply upgrading it.

Second, KR really suck. I've never been able to try more than two or three levels before throwing the towel. It's graphics are bad, there is no balance, the first few levels are way too hard and there is no obvious or less obvious chokepoints to start a level. It's like you really need to build different kind of troops in a line and hope that the next wave will be stopped before you run out of troops. Real TD games are like that, troop defense games like KR should not!

There is a game which is similar to KR which got out recently which is 10 times better. It is called Incursion. Better check it out.

Posted Apr 2, '13 at 12:15am



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would creeper world count as a TD? I think its format is similar though the goal is different..

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