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Hello there, everyone!
I am Yokogao, a new Armor Games user.
You may or may not (most likely not) know me, as I'm quite new to Armor Games.
Anyways, enough new-talking, let's get in to more information.


My favorite genre of music is 8-bit music and actual retro video game music.
My talent is creating music.
My favorite type of games are:
Platform (or Platformer), Puzzle, Point & Click, RPG (like everyone else), Multiplayer, Sandbox, Interactive, and Retro.

I'm rather fascinated by Japanese and Chinese culture.
My favorite language is, well, Japanese.
I really like Chinese movies, such as:
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
Shaolin Knights (this is a hilarious movie, you should look it up!)
and a lot more, I just can't remember most of them.
I don't think I've liked much Japanese media, except for that one novel... I can't remember the name, but it's some boy who befriended a blue, magical cat which could, well, do magic things.


Well, there's not much more I could say.
Anyways, glad to be on Armor Games!

I'm sure you'll be a nice person to meet.
(Bye! ~Yokogao)

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