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The Simpsons are Democratic?

Posted Dec 12, '12 at 12:40am



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Now I've ever seen the seen the Simpsons, but the video did day that he Simpsons and Fox News were owned by the same company so it could just be an inside joke, them using everything that they've been accused of and putting it into their show for laughs.


Posted Dec 12, '12 at 1:06am



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the same as you builded a hype over homer.

Pray tell..when did I even mention Homer?

Posted Dec 12, '12 at 1:25am



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I think that the people who own the Simpsons allow them to get way with Fox bashing because they are so good. The people who paid for Family Guy almost took the show off the air; I suppose they were offended by the show's anarchic values, but it was saved by audience demand. Fox wouldn't to axe the Simpsons because of their huge audience.

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