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Jet tutorials

Posted Dec 7, '12 at 1:32pm



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Am currently creating website for a school project. I was thinking if the community would give me some ideas to improve the site. The site can be found here [] I just started it. I would like first offer tutorials for flying game and then more on to general walk though for other games. I also would like ask the community to post their videos too. Since I don't have a camera or any software to recorded for the Xbox 360. However I will get the blitz box but I don't know when. Thanks listing. guys and gals.


Posted Dec 7, '12 at 2:55pm



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Isn't this kind of a form of advertising? The mods are rather strict when it comes to advertising.

Seems like an interesting idea... You focusing on any one game?


Posted Dec 8, '12 at 1:46am



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Wait this is for a game or a real jet? I'm confused...
Also you have 69 posts... *victory dance*

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