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Exaggerated Comercials

Posted Dec 22, '12 at 2:25pm



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Those new droid commercials that are always talking 'bout "the next big thing already here" and being mean to apple. cause' the thing is, apple is like a template for all the "smart phones." Plus, it makes droid seem really stuck-up and arrogant, but that's just me forcing my opinion.


Posted Dec 22, '12 at 2:56pm



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I guess all commercials are exagerated

To an extent, yes, but that's how they make money. Make their products seem perfect, but they're really not. People will buy them either way though.

Not all, don't forget the 2012 Mediocrity (a sedan).


Posted Dec 22, '12 at 4:45pm



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The most exaggerated commercial??
In there "Compare the Prices" commericials, they dont even show you the reciept, OR the final price. Its a total rip off.


Posted Dec 22, '12 at 5:19pm



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Make their products seem perfect, but they're really not.

So they are inventing new words that sound scientific and special. You probably could fill a whole dictionary with it. People like buying stuff that they think is part of the future. Also any sentence including such terms only empowers the words 'healthy' or 'successfull'.

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