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My Aunt Died Recently...

Posted Dec 9, '12 at 8:54pm



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but anyway, my grandpa is getting worse, and just turned 80, I believe that he isn't expected to turn 81.

Just hope that alll goes well. I shall hope for you and everyone else's relatives also... :P

Posted Dec 10, '12 at 4:32am



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My condolences, R2D2 and the rest of you.

Growing up in a troublesome neighborhood in an even more troublesome country full with crime, wars, drugs and adolescents who are so obviously failing at their lives that you actually cringe as to what the country will be like in 10 year's time, I've had my share of deaths. Relatives I never knew were relatives died because of wars, other friends went to boot camp and never came back, and the 3rd group died because of reasons hardly known to me.

Best way to pass death, or to put it dramatically, survive the death of a close one, you just have to let it go. I've learnt that lesson when a friend of mine whom I knew since I was maybe 3 years old died from multiple stabbings, I just kinda learnt that being sad and depressed over it won't do anything. It won't bring him back, but he'll forever live in my memory.

Just my 5 pence


Posted Dec 10, '12 at 10:01am



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One of my best friend's was struck by a rare variant of leukemia and died within a week. That was shocking and awful. The speed at which is occurred made it all the more worse.

Two of my grandparents died long before I was born. In fact, when my dad was a child, because he's the 12th and youngest in the family.


Posted Dec 10, '12 at 11:17pm



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I'm sorry for anyone's recent loses but dont stay down like its the end you still live your life the way you dreamed of

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