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The Saga of Yomama

Posted Dec 8, '12 at 11:37pm



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[B]Boom.[/B] She ran down the street chasing the bus, so ugly and fat whales would sing "we are family". Her name was Yomama. She was so poor she used a fork to eat cereal in order to conserve milk. [B]And she. Wanted. That. Twinkie.[/B]


The aim of this game is to combine as many yo mama jokes into an epic saga or adventure.


Posted Dec 9, '12 at 12:06am



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Joke: Yo mama so old, her wrinkles got wrinkles!
Yomama spent many, many years in search of that cancer-causing twinkie, that finally, her wrinkles became wrinkled.


Posted Dec 9, '12 at 9:47am



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this is plain idiotic, who would want to make fun of someone, crude.

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