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Hey guys so this is my speech that I had written for my American Literature class. Post your opinions on it. Thanks!

When people start driving, they experience something new and exciting and also something that can be very dangerous. As an automobile driver gets older, their driving skills may start to slack off as they age. This can not only affect them, but also other drivers on the road as well. I believe that not only are mature drivers at risk, but young amateur drivers are aswell. Instead of having a person's license renewed every 3-5 years I think that in order for their safety and the safety of other drivers on the open road, all licensed autmobile drivers should be required to take a driver's test every three years.
All automobile drivers should be required to take a new driverâs test every three years because it will ensure that they are eligible to be able to drive on the open road ultimately preventing accidents all around the country.
As a passenger in a car, you must ensure that the driver of the car is experienced and should be able to operate the motor vehicle without driving recklessly. I believe that the driver of the vehicle must be following all traffic laws and should retake their driverâs test as soon as one is broken to guarantee the driver knows what they did wrong and not to make the same mistake in the coming future.
The retaking of the driver's test every three years will decrease the number of annual fatalities on the road, renew the skills of the automobile driver, and prevent minors and seniors from putting other drivers at risk.
People are killed every day on the road from reckless driving that could easily be prevented.
There is an accident in the United States every 15 seconds and there are over 50 deaths daily and over 93 a day in 2009.
Annually, the number of fatalities due to car crashes in the U.S. is over 40,000. This should make Americans more aware and concerned about following traffic laws saw that future fatalities and injuries can be prevented.
Through the taking of a new driver's test, the vehicle operator will have their driving skills put to the test and this can ultimately help the driver to improve their skills on a regular three-year-basis. It may also determine whether or not the driver should in fact be eligible to further continue operating motor vehicles or if they should re take their driver's test until they are able to pass.
Another point that supports the required three year driver's test is the age of the automobile driver. Most minors who drive are more likely to crash than middle-aged adults. It is a reason for why insurance for persons under 21 costs more, because younger drivers are at a higher risk to get into accidents. For example, an adolescent who receives their license at age 16 will still be a minor in three years when they are 19 years of age and because they still have very little experience behind the wheel, they should retake the test to make sure they are making good decisions on the road. This also goes for seniors who are 65 years or older because some may suffer from impairment at this age which can put drivers on the road at risk which is why they should take the test to examine whether or not they have good control over the vehicle and following traffic laws.
Automobile drivers should be required to take a new driver's test every three years due to the fact that the rate of daily automobile deaths in the United States is high, the retaking of these tests may improve the skills that the driver may be lacking in, and that young adolescents and seniors are at a high risk for car accidents.
In conclusion, the requirement for driver's to retake a new driver's test every three years is beneficial because it will ultimately prevent the risk of injuries and fatalities that occur on the road.

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I'm guessing this is supposed to be a persuasive speech. What are the requirements? How long is it supposed to be?

Right off the bat, I can tell you that you're intro is too long and your conclusion is too short. I can't tell what your thesis is and I can't tell what the support is.

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In general, your rhetoric could be fine-tuned to make the speech more appealing to the both the teacher and the students. This includes improving the flow, making better transitions between ideas, etc.

I can't tell what your thesis is

Unless I'm reading this wrong, he's trying to make a case for the taking of driver's tests every three years.

Anyway, your body should be longer. It's too short to make a compelling case to support your argument. Pound the idea home from all angles without being repetitive. I'm also a bit skeptical about the use of one of your first statistics, "Annually, the number of fatalities due to car crashes in the U.S. is over 40,000." I'm sure it's correct, but couldn't these crashes be due to other factors (e.g. alcohol)? I mean, technically, it's fine, but again, you should add much more support to your argument.

Make a concession or two as well. That is, introduce the opposite side's arguments and explain that is, in a way, rational. Then, using the opposing argument as a springboard, explain why your idea is ultimately better.

Even in your conclusion, try not to repeat yourself too much. You want to drive the idea home but with a continuous flow of new facts and ideas. Make sure your audience is really thinking about what you're trying to say through your conclusion instead of saying, "In conclusion..." This will make a lasting impression.

There are other, more specific things, but this should be a good starting point.
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That is, introduce the opposite side's arguments, and explain that is, in a way, rational.

explain why it can be, in a way, rational*
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