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You've all heard of OctoCan, right? WHAT!? You haven't? Well gather round, ladies, gentlemen, under-age 12-year olds and octopi, for the fabulous tale of the creation of OctoCan:

This is the start!
Dan slumped to the ground, defeated. All his dreams were in this one, small idea. He got back up again and glared at the narrow tube, full of strange, green liquid. It's hopeless! he thought to himself, picking up the tube with his well-worn gloves. 'What if I-' he started, interrupted by his assistant, not even caring to knock as she barge right in. 'What is it?' Dan asked in curious tone. 'Dan! The people from Paladin Industries are here!' His assistant Amy gasped, 'And I think Commander Paladin even came from his busy schedule just to see this "amazing" idea! You better hope it's good!' And with that she left. Dan just stood there, jaw wide open. And then he dropped his tube.

Dan ran frantically from one table to another, his lab coat flapping in his wake. He grabbed numerous different tubes of different shapes and sizes, and bringing them to his main desk. For the second time that day, he slumped to the ground in defeat. Amy knocked and stepped right in.
'Yes?' replied Dan in a subdued tone.
'They're here in 5 minutes' Amy replied, with a sincere voice.
She's taking pity on me, thought Dan. 'OK. I don't care.' And he sunk deeper to the ground.
And with that, Amy left.

It struck him like a car on fire. The brainwave that would make him famous.
He got up from his slumped position and focused. He grabbed two lab tubes, one with an odd pink colour and one with a turquoise liquid inside and mixed the two together, creating the original green liquid. He added some various chemicals, transferring the liquid from green to yellow, then red and then a cloudy purple. He finally added the final ingredient: amino acids, the building blocks of life. The mixture explode into a cloud of blue smoke. And at that exact moment, Commander Paladin stepped into the room.
'Dan! DAN!' came his booming voice.
'Here! Just wait for the smoke to clear!' came Dan's excited voice.
Minutes later, after the smoke had cleared, Dan invited the Commander in. Dan could hardly contain himself. He gestured towards the cracked chemical tube. The Commander gave a sudden intake of breath. He gasped 'It's.. It's an.............octopus?'

The End!

In case you didn't know, I, MagicTree (also known as Dan), created OctoCan: The Best Canned Octopus In The World! Now, this is a thread for all OctoCan art, including writing, pieces of art, drawings, poetry etc. Anything OctoCan belongs here. Also, anyone can post! Don't be afraid!

Here's a haiku I wrote;

Humble OctoCan,
Best of all Canned Octopus!
Why no batteries?

P.S, could I have any critiques on the story or haiku I wrote?


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OK, sorry for triple posting, but I am now changing this into a unofficial competition. The winner will receive;
And 50 points in OctoClan if
they happen to be part of the clan.

This competition is for any form of art. The theme that these artworks will be based on is: OctoCan

Yup. I went for simple.

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