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My overated games list

Posted Jan 2, '13 at 11:59am



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I liked the first three (or two? Can't recall) parts of LS, but when they blew it up to a gritty survival game, it lost it's sparkle.

I liked the first two as well, but I didn't like the third one only because Jack wasn't the protagonist of the game.

Exit Path 2 is overrated. It has about the same rating as the original, but it's way worse. The only area it improved on was the graphics...

Not to mention that there's too many shortcuts in each of the multiplayer levels that equal "INSTANT WIN!". And the shortcuts don't take much skill and precision to use like in the first Exit Path game.

Posted Jan 3, '13 at 3:01am



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Deleted off topic attempt to flamebait other users. Try to keep this thread on track and continue talking about what is the most overrated games here on ArmorGames please? Thank you! =)


Posted Jan 6, '13 at 6:45pm



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To people who say Sonny and Sonny are overrated, hear me out.

Sure, the actual gameplay is not unique, however it runs very smoothly once you get into it. Visuals and sound effects are top notch.

For me, the best thing about the Sonny series is its immersiveness. Not just because of the plot line, but I'll start with it. Those who started with the first one will know that you're thrust into a world with a character who doesn't remember who he is, is afflicted with a terrible disease and because of this disease is the subject of persecution and hate from total strangers and sinister, mysterious forces are at work to destroy him. That's some pretty intriguing stuff.

My favourite things about it though are the soundtrack by David Orr and the visual art. The music is captivating, and the aftermath theme just sends chills down my spine whenever I hear it. It really makes me feel like I've been absorbed into the world of mystery, fear and uncertainty that Sonny lives in. The visual art, drawings and colours (yeah, I'm British) are beautiful in my opinion, and put me in the mood I assume Krin wants gamers to be in when they play it.

For all those reasons, I always feel a bit sad when people say Sonny's overrated, because I feel they aren't appreciating all the fine details of the game that make it so enjoyable for me.

Anyway, that's just me.

SonOfVader, out.


Posted Jan 11, '13 at 5:58am



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Sonny 2 isn't overrated, it's terribly overrated.
I remember few years ago, I found this amazing game called Sonny 2. It had interesting storyline, unique gameplay (at least for me back then) and neat graphics. I instantly fell in love with it.
Few months ago I decided to play it again. Story had serious case of Chris Carter Effect, graphics aren't really that amazing, gameplay was far from unique and combat... Well, that was the biggest disappointment of all. What I remembered as interesting fights requiring a lot of strategy turned out to be "do it my way or no way" type of combat. Many fights rely on single tactic (draining all focus, reversing heal and damage, stunning opponents before they execute uber attack) and therefore on a single skill. If you want to be creative you'll soon find it's not worth it.
At first I wasn't sure if Sonny 2 is just bad, or was it simply that it didn't live up to my nostalgia-inflated expectations. Then I played another old favourite of mine, Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Long story short, it was as epic as first time. So yes, for me Sonny 2 is terribly overrated because it's average at best. I know I'm looking forward to EBF4 (90% complete at the time of writing) and I no longer care about Sonny 3.


Posted Jan 11, '13 at 8:31pm



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not on AG, but Plazma Burst 2 is overrated, it has horrible controls, massive lag, and a campaign that requires no skill.

on AG, the Facebook games, commonly called mmo games. (if you don't believe me, Dead Zone was originally released for Facebook)

~~~Darth Caedus

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