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How do you play Sands of the Coliseum?

Posted Dec 19, '12 at 12:09pm



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This game looks like a lot of fun, but the tutorial is really, really bad. What does MP mean and what is its purpose? What does "Crowd Appeal" do in the game? Why does executing another gladiator boost your MP? What is a Row? It looks like a good game that I really want to play. Can anyone fill in for me what this stuff means so I can get past the lack of a tutorial?


Posted Dec 19, '12 at 12:41pm



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It's been a while since I played it so some of this might be somewhat incorrect.

MP is morale points, which are used for abilities. If you don't have enough MP for an ability, you can't use that ability. Crowd appeal boosts your MP by an amount depending on your stats and equipment.

Killing vs. not killing is simply a matter of whether you want more MP or more XP. I don't think it's explained in the game, but killing probably riles up the crowd more and they get more excited, so your morale points go up.

There are two rows, front and back. The front row can attack both rows with melee attacks. The back row can only attack the front row of the enemy with melee attacks. Ranged attacks can hit from any row. And I think there's something else I'm missing.


Posted Dec 19, '12 at 12:46pm



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MP is your mana, don't really need to bother with it if you're using a pure strength melee character. I didn't really need to care about MP, because all my skills needed so little to power, and if I needed more, I'll just do the shout thingum that those machos do to recharge.

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