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The Reason Behind the Mass Shootings of the Past Few Years

Posted Dec 20, '12 at 9:03am



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Somebody tell me when any kind of expert psychiatric/forensic opinion on motive in the Conneticut shooting (or any other shooting for that matter) is publicly released. Until this point there's a lot of groundless speculation. That's what irritates me the most about public (and I almost said plebian) commentary on these events: they tend to make a lot of unreasonable assumptions without realising it, and this perpetuates common misconceptions as well as counter-productive reactions.

Nonetheless there's some credit due to the copycat theory (at least as a contributing factor), seeing as it's already an established forensic phenomenon.

Availability is another matter. It just so happens that guns are more freely available in the US than in frequently compared nations. However that isn't to say that a similar phenomenon in a different form isn't happening elsewhere. Take Australia for example: anecdotally speaking I could say that the rise in media-reported US mass shootings is paralleled by what seems to be a spike in reported youth-perpetrated blunt trauma/stabbings in Australia. To make matters worse it's been suggested (I can't remember by who) that police crime and assault figures have been doctored so I can't really tell how much of what is bias, but the point remains that youth carrying concealed blades became a talking (and legislative) point, youth and alcohol and violence, and generally youth and violence became hot topics.

A lot of hot air later, and I'm not sure I'm any better informed of what the issue actually is, and how concerned I ought to be.


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but your opinion on the reasoning of these cynical and unimaginably evil crimes, and why they've been happening more frequently as of late.

Something that didn't occur to me until recently is the lack of a national health service in the US. I'm assuming the same conditions apply for mental health as it does for, er, normal health? If someone was showing symptoms of odd behaviour at school in the UK, in a lot of cases they would be earmarked and referred to social services for counselling. Granted the quality of care might not be top notch and there will always be some individuals who slip through the net, but seeing as the perpetrators are clearly deranged, I can't help but think that this is a significant contributing factor. On the other hand people without money in the States have never had access to treatment, so as to why there seems to be a spike in these kinds of massacres recently, I'm none the wiser.

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Let's get this clarified....mass shootings in the United States only?

and the 3 or 4 terrorist attacks are not counted.

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There may not be one reason that the mass shootings occurred; perhaps there are a variety of contributing factors.


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I did not know either of those names. However, I do agree with that completely and without question. If you are fixed on dying; why not get attention by doing so? I think if the media didn't cover it so much and treat them like they did something terrible. I do think however, they have cought on to that. The news (at least what I have watched) has only mentioned the shooters name when they had to and really just focused on the deaths of the people and actually skipped over him in the amount of people dead.

I don't agree with people saying that they treat them like celebrities but, they do give them a lot of attention and that is something they may not have had before. So when they get the chance to attain it, they do so.

I also think that this particular shooter had more wrong with him then just being suicidal. I think he had a load of mental illnesses and the mom should not have kept guns around when her child, at the very least, mentally unstable.

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