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Legacy of a Thousand Suns

Posted Dec 20, '12 at 4:35am



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LoTS has been working fine this morning, however in the afternoon the game stopped loading and only showed the background picture. Help would be appreciated if you could.

I'm using Safari on Mac OSX 10.6.8, but I also tried Google Chrome.

Thanks in advance,


Posted Dec 20, '12 at 9:29am



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This is just a normal loading thing that happens with MMOs on this site. No need to worry, just wait some time and it'll work again.


Posted Dec 21, '12 at 5:16pm



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It doesn't actually happen exactly on this site like Dapro stated... MMO games are run from external servers by the game developers, not by ArmorGames. Whenever a MMO game doesn't load, it usually means there is a failure in the connection between your AG account here and the MMO game's servers, due to reasons ArmorGames can't solve, like maintenance for example.

All you can do is wait and try to reconnect to the MMO game's servers. The connection is usually restored after a while and you can play again. =)

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