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Okay, Since Winter Break has started, I decided to make a ROLEPLAYING GAME.So, since I had the best Idea ever (kinda), I decided to make a game out of it. ENOUGH TALKING, TO THE STORY.

It's the year 2045 and everything has changed, There is now a war against the 5 species;Humans, Reddian, Werewolves, Vampires, And Half-Men. Whats the war about you may ask? Territory, food, and which race is better. You can barely go anywhere unprotected. The leaders of each territory have at least one group going against them. You can either agree with them or fault with them, It all depends on your point of veiw, your species, your class. This adventure is in your hands, Make the most of what you have. Expand your teams, your friends, your enimies, and your popularity. Meet new people.

(I'll do the CS first, Then list the classes and species.)

(Yes, I will give you items at the start of the game, don't worry, I'm not that mean)

Physical Desc.:
Classalso below)
TEAMYou'll be able to name it later)
Member Oneyour name here)
Primary Weaponscomes with class)
Member TwoBlank)
Primary Weapon:
WeaponsComes with Class)
Special Items:None
Quest Items:None
Current Quest:Look Around
Current Mission:
Health:50/50 (Perfect)
Mana Points:30/30 (Perfect)
Punch:0 mp (No status effect)

Human:A simple being, with no known powers or special abilities, although the first to find the land, other species often steal it. (Special perks:good at farming, fist fighting, and black smithy) starting weapon: Small knife (dull)

Reddian:These avian creatures are known for their long range combat, and stealthiness. They are usually taller than humans, and have eagle like wings. They can fly for long distances and hover for short times. They like forest settings and caves. Every time they kill an animal, they thank it's spirit and give part of their food to the forest gaurdian. (Special perks:Long range attacks, flying, hunting, and stealthiness) Starting Weapon: beginer bow (20 arrows)

Werewolf:These wolf like creatures became a real species in 2014, when a scientest failed to contain the beast, and it spread it's diesease. These creatures are known for their brute strength and speed. (Special perks: fighting for long periods of time, running for long periods of time)

Vampire: These bat like creatures became an actual species in 2020, another scientest acident, where they sent a normal human into soiltary room for months, and fed him mutated food, with bat-like DNA, he got out and infected the whole sector. They can hover for small amounts of time. (Special perk: hovering, doctoring, infecting victims) Weapons: Spear or small sword (you pick which one)

Half-Men: (Mix of the three species above and Human) Before the war, there were people who loved eachother... but weren't of the same species. This is the result of this. They live in groups of 15-30. They are great at doctoring, adventuring, and magic. (Special perk: Doctoring, magic) Starting weapon: Staff of Beginers


Tamer:A tamer lovers animals and sometimes attempts to befriend them. When they come across some creatures, they be friendly and reason with them. Maybe they will be friendly back!

Scientest: A scientest is good with technology and medicine. They chose to make money by "Bettering" (or worstening) the current technology and medicine.

Black Smith: A black smith is great with metals and rocks. they can turn almost anything into a weapon or peice of armor. They usually spend their time making theese items in their shops or homes.

Knight: A knight is good with swords and spears. To protect themselves and others. They will do anything to protect their friends and family.

Doctor: They usually spend their time healing the sick. (Simple enoguh right?)

Wizard: They use magic to protect themselves or better objects. They can send curses or send plagues. They can do almost anything (as long as magic is involved)

Adventurer: They explore the world to find out things, attempt to study nature and animals, or just explore to find out who they are.

Questions or comments? leave 'em here!

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