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Least favorite foods

Posted Dec 23, '12 at 4:10pm



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Yes it's edible and people actually buy it. My asian friends bring package after package of that stuff to school. I do not... understand... how one can eat it.... *shudders*

Other than that I like almost every food. Everything the guy above me listed I love to eat. o.o


Posted Dec 23, '12 at 4:26pm



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What? Seaweed is good, at least wrapped around Sushi. It's delicious. Just the though of it is making me lick my lips.


Posted Dec 23, '12 at 6:38pm



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it was on-topic, just not long enough and excessive caps isn't necessary either, besides, your post is more off-topic than his/hers.

Three random letters are on topic now? What has AG come too...

Anything that involves using the microwave as the main source of cooking it. The food doesn't taste as if it were properly made...


Posted Dec 23, '12 at 7:02pm



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One of the most stupidest questions ive heard. You cant ask people WHY dont they like the food? Thats just the way how theyre born.

Yes, you can. You can ask them what they don't like about it, whether it be the taste, texture, preparation, smell, etc. I don't like mushrooms because of the rubbery texture and the weird taste. I don't like tomatoes because the taste like rotting flesh, not that I would know what that tastes like. o.O I also hate boiled carrots. They're sweet in a gross way to me. Of course I don't like fast food. No one but six-year olds do. All for now.


Posted Dec 23, '12 at 7:18pm



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To be honest I don't really hate any food. I don't really like eating fast food just for the fact that it's unhealthy but I'll still eat it from time to time.

Um if you can count individual stuff that goes in food that I would have to probably say lettuce. I don't exactly hate it but I dislike it. I dislike most salads, I only like salads that are like potato, egg, tuna, etc.

For food I'd have to say.. I really don't know, I always try different stuff because I love food, and I love all that exotic stuff too. I've tried crocodile, snake, bulls testicles, ****roaches.. Not that this stuff taste great but in my opinion it's not horrible. I wouldn't really count these exotic foods in though (if you want to call them that) since they aren't really normal things people usually eat, at least not in USA or whatever.

So yeah salad I guess? Lol.


Posted Dec 27, '12 at 8:30pm



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I love all fast food food places, especially Arbys, I don't like seafood. I don't like fungus,especially mushrooms. I don't like mushroom pizza.

Really, guys?


Posted Jan 12, '13 at 5:03pm



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The only thing I can't really stand eating is black olives. I can be eating something and not black olives are in it...and then I taste the olives and it makes me feel ill. Green olives aren't that bad, it's just the black ones I can't stand!

Oh and I freaking LOVE Arby's !!!!


Posted Jan 12, '13 at 8:07pm



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I really don't like eggs, in any form, tuna or any sort of fish. I hate things that smell strange. Hard for me to eat it.

What, how could you dislike eggs?  I'll take a bite of the other side of your head for this. xD
I don't like Mexican food but i HATE bologna because it's stinky and it taste disgusting and just to think about it I want to vomit.
Where's the toilet?!
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Posted Jan 12, '13 at 8:24pm



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I hate: Green beans, Lettice, Cucumbers, peaches, tomatoes, sushi, onions, onion rings, guava, coconut, oranges, chunky peanut butter, Snow peas, seaweed, eggs that still have their shells, salad, walnuts, chocolate on pizza, swiss cheese, strawberries, sugar free applesauce, chunky mashed potatoes, school food, chocolate milk, a marshmellow with ketchup(worst dare ever), turkey, mayo, just plain ketchup, Root beer(I'm going to get tons of complaints later), cherries, chicka-fil-a, horseradish(nasty stuff), War Heads, ice, hot sauce, etc.

The list goes on I tried making it as short as possible, well not really.


Posted Jan 13, '13 at 1:48am



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The only thing I hate is probably green bell peppers...

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