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As the title says: general discussion about the game. What you like about it, which is best hero combination etc.

My point of view is that team Erica,Josh and Selene (Erica as team leader) works pretty well. It is 1st full team you get, Selene has good upgrades (Anasthesia,resurretion, regeneration), Josh allows you to get lot of gold with Treasure seeker and gold magnet, and Erica`s special can clear a field of enemies.

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It sucks. Period.

1. The movement speed is slow and not upgradeable. How can you expect this speed in a vertical shooter?

2. The hit box is too large. Combining this point and point 1 above, it's extremely disappointing.

3. High quality isn't high quality.

4. Selene/Elena confusion. It is a clear sign that the game doesn't get good polish.

5. It lacks a tutorial. It's a deadly sin, you know.

6. Auto-shooting. When my speed is slow, I don't want to waste shots. But now, even when I am in front of the enemy, I still have to wait. Without auto-shooting, I can fire once I get in front of the enemy. (Actually, I think there might be a way to toggle this, but see point 5 above.)

7. It's a bad copy of kupo707's Bullet Heaven. Maybe BH is copying Touhou, but BH does offer something different.

Based on the aforementioned seven deadly sins, I decide that Band of Heroes is just an overrated crap.

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To AircraftCarrier:

The game is cool. Period.
1. Movement speed is ok and it is upgradable.
2. Disagree.
3. What do you mean?
4. We wanted to launch the game before Christmas so there are still some slight issues. The update will be uploaded on Wednesday. But the current version is pretty good.
5. The game is simple enough, it doesn't need a tutorial.
6. It was our game design decision, we believe it works.
7. No.
Based on the rating and feedback I decide that the game is **** good %)

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If you are too lazy to aim you can go with the 3 last heroes. The cleric and wizard autoaim and the engineer does splash. The bonus magnet, chance increase, and movement speed bonus helps a lot.

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three words it is awesome

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