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This is a thread about your opinions. What do you really think about this, your beliefs, etc. Discussions and debates welcome, forum rules still apply.
Not sure if this is the correct section to place this though.

I believe cannabis should stay illegal.
I believe fat kids should be forced to do exercise.
I believe most atheists are trying to be edgy.
I believe that the Westboro baptist church aren't really religious people. They do what they do to make religious people look bad on the general view.
I believe homosexuality is wrong.
Halo 4 is highly overrated. The game is really boring.
The walking dead sucks.
Breaking bad is the best TV show ever made.
The simpsons are boring.
Futurama is a great show.
PS3 and XBOX are basically the same.
Kobe Bryant sucks
Piracy is not bad.
They should implement a law that every gunowner needs to be inspected regularly to avoid murders. [see:the Connecticut shooting]
Girls with colored look great.
Pink is a feminine color.
The "cake is a lie" joke is stupid.
I enjoy school.
Runescape is not a bad game.
I really enjoy Call of Duty games.
4chan is a great site.
bing search tool is not bad.
Basketball is the best sport ever made.
Soccer is boring.

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