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Top 5 - Free to play PC games

Posted Feb 25, '13 at 6:14pm



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1: Star Wars: The Old Republic
2: Lord of the Rings Online
3: Dungeons and Dragons Online.
4: Minecraft (free version)
5: Anything on this good old website of Armor Games


Posted Feb 25, '13 at 7:07pm



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Hey guys.

My list will have options of free games in no particular order.

For shooting games:

What about Battlefield Play4Free? It's a good alternative for people looking for free, classic Battlefield gameplaying. Despite being in beta state, it has a good share of weapons and vehicles. Also, it makes quite a good use of iron sights and attachments! [link: ]

The korean-made Sudden Attack is a nice option for people who look for a game who'll run smoothly. Despite being a "heavy-filed" game - 3,4 Gb! - it runs smoothly on low-end PC's, while retaining the classic feel of FPS' based upon CS. I also recommend Kill On Sight: Special Operations [KOS], which is similar to Sudden Attack but way lighter, at expense of having an uglier main menu.

Link for Sudden Attack:
Link for Kill On Sight:

Other korean-based shooters - probably adopted by Nexon or other companies in North America:
- Point Blank [similar to SA, with prettier graphics, some guns with attachments but less stages][link:
- Combat Arms [I wouldn't recommend it; It requires a way more powerful PC than SA does and has no iron sights. Still, its graphics are kind of appealing and its arsenal has many choices.] Link:

And now an especial entry: the classic Battlefield 1942. The first entry on the Battlefield series has completed 10 years of release last year. Because of that, EA has released it for free through Origin! Experience the beginning of the Battlefield legacy fighting in WWII battles for the Axis or the Allies, making use of planes and tanks, cars and boats, AA guns and bolt-action rifles and much more! It even has a class system!

As for non-shooting games, I'll have to go with Grinding Gears' Path of Exile. It resembles Diablo III in some points and is free - also in beta stage. Link:

Also, League of Legends is a good pick. Link:

Ah, and Dofus. Link:

And... Tibia? Link:


I... think the links might go broken as I press submit. I don't visit this thread as much, so... hereby, I'd like to ask someone, please: if the links break, would you fix them for me? I'll give you virtual cookies. Thanks ^_^~


Posted Mar 2, '13 at 7:25pm



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Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 are the top. You can't get bored in TF2 and Dota is just fun.


Posted Apr 3, '13 at 4:21am



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Dragon Nest
Dragon Saga
Eden Eternal
Cabal Online

I apologize for being short of another game. Most of the games I play are either online or on my Iphone.

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