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Posted Dec 27, '12 at 4:37pm



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...You know that Kingdom Hearts uses a lot of FF characters?

so? ive actually played kingdom hearts before ff. im a pretty "new" ff player even though ive finished most of them (just finished 5 yesterday actually)

my big memory? lets see:

reina going through those poisoned flowers to save a dragon (that touched me)
celes suicides (who wouldnt remember this?)
rachel dies (also sad)
aeris dies (i knew this was coming and was still shocked)
red 13 knows his father (i really liked him)
yuna and tidus in the lake
the second your being told yuna is a sacrifice
the first time kimahri talks to you (i liked him and was wondering when he will start being nice)
tidus "dies"
yunas dream in ff10 (that was a really nice scene)

wow those were alot. but ill say just another one because all of the above were story related.

in the final battle against sephiroth (i have played ff7 and 8 so wrong when it comes to strategy so no wonder they were difficult for me) i was left with only tiffa, no magic, 2 Hp and she was a TOAD. i attacked normaly, it did like 10 damage and sephi died. it was pretty funny seing him doing that super nova attack and not killing a frog but god that attack was so long and annoying.

and btw. statistically i think most people found sephi easy and found 8s final bost the most difficult. for me... actually i think i agree. if you dont count 3s LONG quest in the final dungeon as one boss. thats the most troll-ish thing ive ever seen in a video game

Posted Dec 28, '12 at 12:09am



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Moogles. They're adorable.


They need to make Moogle costumes for pets or something...

Sorry, heh...

Posted Dec 28, '12 at 12:20am



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Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube was fun, especially when you play multiplayer with the gameboys hooked up to the console.


Posted Dec 28, '12 at 10:53am



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i have two FF games tied for favorites. FFX and FFXII because both have very interesting storylines. Then Dissidia Duodecim for PSP was really nice.


Posted Apr 13, '13 at 7:06pm



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My favorites would be: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10, and Final Fantasy 12


Posted Apr 14, '13 at 8:50am



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i just started playing FFX again for 1st time in 9 year. i'm still very early in the game but it's amazing how much i still know they i thought have forgotten. like chest locations and special boxes. xD it feels like i played yesterday that i last played it.

anyway. 7,9 and 10 are my favorites. of wich 9 they most. they latest real-time action games i dislike the most. they should have a option to play turn-base action.

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