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[Solved] Wartune Problem

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Posted Dec 26, '12 at 11:10am



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The game won't even start loading. I'm getting errors like "Decoding failed: Syntax error" , "Unable to connect" , "You don't have authorization". And it's not only me and the problem isn't my pc.
Armorgames was a little slow and laggy in the past hour and i was wondering if the problem is here or on the r2games side.
But now i see other mmo games have such problems. Just hoping you know about it and working on fixing it
Sorry for the trouble, we appreciate you efforts.
And happy holidays btw


Posted Dec 26, '12 at 11:22am



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The wartune servers are working on the r2games site, so, I'm not sure what the problem could be.
As far as I can tell from the forums; they're not carrying out server maintenance or anything like that.


Posted Dec 26, '12 at 3:27pm



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This should now be fixed. If still occurring, please clear your cache or try another browser. Contact me if still having issues at