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Sorry for being behind the curve, Mods.

(Boring explanation of why): I couldn't remember my User Name, which is kind of pathetic because I remembered my password and email, so I reset my password without finding out what my Name was! >_< Fortunately, I am awesome, so I made a second account, ran to the forums, searched through my favorite Forum Games and found my name. I'm back!

Okay, anyway, I was out for a year or so, and last time I was here, you were highly promoting the NEW Armor Games site with a ton of changes. Did that fall through, or...wait...are we IN the new version??

Also, I suggest adding the person's User Name to the password reset email, or ask a secret question or something. Not everyone is so clever as to make a second account (the name is Kenji23, in case it has to be deleted for being a duplicate).


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They're gradually going to add features here instead of a full transition.

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