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Zombie RPG

Posted Jan 1, '13 at 1:19pm



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Name: Argamen Phish
Age: 25
Gender; Male
Inventory: Scalpel, Morphin(x2), Antibiotics(x5), Water Bottle(x1/2) m9(x1), Axe
Class: Doctor
Bio: Paramedic for 3 years until decided to become a doctor father died at age 8. Mother was very disagreeable. Sister was lost when everything went bad he was very close to her
Personality: Narcissistic, Passionate, Caring
Status: Slightly Hungry, Slightly Thirsty, Unhurt
Intelligence: 30
Agility: 15
Street Smarts: 30
Engineering: 20
Karma: 5
-Medical Appliance
~Destination: Nevada, USA (Hospital)
~June 6th, 2015
~Survivors: Steve(Bat)

You go and kill 2 zombies with your axe and see 5 people shooting at a horde of zombies.

One of them gets taken down.
I run forward and start to yell to distract the zombies and show I'm human.


Posted Jan 1, '13 at 1:59pm



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Please update my story my last reply was on page six.

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