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[RED] saving and unsaving games

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Posted Dec 28, '12 at 2:40pm



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to save a game go to the game that you want to favorite. next, scroll above the game screen and locate the red heart with a green plus on it. click it, then if you go to "my games" (next to your name and armatar) you will find the game you favorited. to unsaved the game find the faved game on the "my games" list look to the right and click the delete button.


Posted Dec 29, '12 at 9:03am



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First of all... what youre talking about is FAVE or UNFAVE a game, not save/unsave...

Beyond that its a useless post, cuz this has already explained in other threads, so its, more or less, only a copy and paste job, a duplicate, which is forbidden here in AG.